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Who am I?


I’m Mystie.

Yes, I homeschool, but my husband and I were both also homeschooled starting at Kindergarten, and we both started at the same local community college at 16. Now I’m a homeschooling mother of five kids, married for fourteen years to my high school sweetheart (no, see, those swing dance lessons were classes, not dates).

As the oldest of 7, I started cooking dinners at age 11. I started keeping a list of all I would do differently than (i.e. better than) my mom when I was 10 (yes, she found that list). I didn’t learn that lesson and still make lists about whatever is on my mind. I have also had to eat every word on that list I made about my own mother, too. Yes, I was the oldest, thank you for noticing.

Despite the practice and the lists, it turns out homemaking is still hard work that demands much. It does not come naturally to me. I quickly turn grumpy and demanding when life doesn’t happen along the lines I laid out. And people so seldom to fall into those lines – including myself.

I homeschool classically, hanging on the words of Dr. Perrin, Andrew Kern, Cindy Rollins, and Charlotte Mason. So what you will find here is not only my plans and my book lists and my organizational systems, but also my musings as I wrestle with what “classical” means, but more specifically what it looks like, in real life, with real kids, in a homeschool family.

So here I am. I write for other homeschooling mom trying to figure out this homeschooling life at home that is so much more work than we ever imagined. I write for moms like myself who are trying to be intentional while not letting that intentionality be an excuse for acting like Captain Van Trapp, complete with whistle-calling systems.

I read. I think. I write.

You are welcome to follow along as I do all three, and please do join in the conversation.

If I could convince you to start with one thing that will transform your homeschool and your home atmosphere, it would be Morning Time.

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