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Home is infused with metaphoric and symbolic significance. homeschooling with a baby The struggle lies in being motivated to make our homes a foretaste of the heavenly home, an outpost of the kingdom, while remaining content in the muddle that is everyday life. This is a blog about marrying the vision to the mundane, about working toward the mission with clarity and purpose while staying honest and humble and humorous about what that really looks like in a real house full of real individuals and real life.

Simply Convivial recounts my journey in repentance, for I am not a natural sweet, gentle, nice Mom. In this life, however, I am learning gratitude and contentment and happiness in a life spent loving first the children God has blessed us with, then the body of Christ, and then those outside. Here I recount my attempts to build more happiness, festivity, and fellowship into my home and family.

homeschooling family

Both my husband and I grew up homeschooled in Christian homes, and now we are running that baton on the next leg of the relay, praying our children will carry it still further.

A mother of five lively children, ages 10-1, I strive (sometimes half-heartedly) to maintain an orderly and harmonious home. Our homeschooling days have begun in earnest, with higher grades and multiple students, but it is still the interactions sustained, the relationships fostered, and habits nurtured that are equally as integral to the children’s identity and development as their scholastic studies are. Academics provide a forge for character, just as life provides fodder for learning.

Making a Convivial Home Series

homeschooling boys

homeschooling boys

I can also be found at Simplified Pantry, where I blog about cooking homestyle fare. My husband Matt is a software programmer and web developer. I have published three ebooks and am working on a fourth.

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