2012 Resolutions Revisited

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So, here’s a look at the resolutions I made in January 2012 and an examination of how well I did. At the beginning of the year, I did not know whether or not I would be pregnant and decided to make my resolutions assuming I wouldn’t be, because if I was, I’d have the perfect excuse for not meeting the goals.


2012 Resolutions

  1. Publish, market, and sell my Pantry Meals book. Renamed Simplified Dinners and successfully launched.

  2. Complete & hang cross-stitch piece. Sigh. No. I pulled it out three times, but never at a point where I could spend the time to figure out where I was, what color was what, and fix the mistakes I made when I started without figuring that out first.

  3. Go paperless: Cloth kitchen, cloth napkins, cloth kleenex. Computer record keeping & filing. I had fun trying a few paperless home projects, but will be keeping only the cloth napkins and digital record-keeping. We were already spare with our paper towel use, but it turns out that sometimes only a paper towel will do. So we keep a roll on hand still. Flannel kleenex seemed neat. After all, I’m doing the laundry anyway. The big perk of flannel kleenex is that when they are left in pockets they don’t leave papery shreds over the whole load. The bad thing about them is that they end up clinging to other pieces and hiding in sheet corners or inside shirts. Plus, they really should be hemmed, turns out. So, that didn’t pan out.

  4. Read a minimum of 12 fiction titles and read at least a list of 24 books selected from my library. I did read more fiction this year because of this resolve, and read exactly 12 fiction titles. And although I read 20 non-fiction titles, only 2 of them were from the list I set at the beginning of the year. That’s ok, though, because one of them was Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, where Alan Jacobs said it was best to read at Whim. I did and I will.

  5. Use the cork collection. Nope. I know what I want to do now, but I haven’t gotten to it.

  6. Decorate Ilse’s bedroom. I didn’t leave myself enough time to make it her birthday present (early January birthday that it is). I couldn’t find a bedding set locally that I liked and couldn’t figure out how to make painting her room a surprise. So, that got scratched for 2012, and I’m glad it did, because now we know there’ll be two girls in there with bunk beds, so when I do find something I’ll get two.

  7. Create & complete my own supplemental cleaning task list. Ha! This year I was lucky to get to basic cleaning.

  8. Read through the Bible. Didn’t make it. Changed to just reading from the gospels when I could.

  9. Complete a household notebook on Evernote. Yes! I did that one! And then I wrote an eBook about it. :)

  10. Get a long row of raspberries planted, staked, & established. I planted a third of the 60′ row, and Matt installed the wires. I just planted some I got for free or really cheap on craigslist, and we’ll find out this spring if they took. In addition to the raspberries, we did plant 3 grape vines in one row that survived!

Hm, so, 3 and 2 halves.

But, I did grow and birth a baby. And she’s pretty cute. A good accomplishment for the year.

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    Growing a healthy baby is your best and biggest accomplishment of the year. Good job!

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