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Day 1: Organize Your Attitude for Hospitality

  1. Organize Your Attitude
  2. Organize the People
  3. Organize the Food
  4. Organize Your Preparations
  5. Organize Your Evening

Hospitality or Entertaining?

the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.

Yes, that’s right, part of the very definition of the word hospitality has to do not with your home, but with your attitude, your disposition, your heart. So we begin right at the core. Hospitality is not the same as entertaining guests and it’s not about showing off our homes. Hospitality is a Christian duty and calling, and it is about showing love rather than about demonstrating how put together we are.

This is good news, because it means you don’t have to be put together to offer hospitality!

Entertaining is about impressing others and making ourselves took good; hospitality is about serving others and sharing life.

Hospitality requires and brings growth; it takes time & practice. Love, empathy, and even conversational skills come with cultivation. And that’s another way of saying it takes work. But, like all forms of obedience, it is worth it.

Hospitality to Our Homes’ First Guests

One too often overlooked aspect of hospitality is our attitude of hospitality – or is hostility closer to reality? – to our home’s first guests: its residents.

Particularly when we are preparing to welcome dinner guests, it is all too easy to get short and snippy and frustrated with the children God has sent to us as direct, long-term guests. We prioritize our pride in our home (and our need for others’ good opinions) over our own family. Tearing them down with our words or actions is not a good way to start of a day of hospitality. If hospitality is a building up of the body of Christ, it must begin within our own families and overflow to others. Otherwise, it is likely not true Christian hospitality, but something we do so others will think well of us. It is a cover for our insecurities rather than a genuine offering of ourselves to others.

Let love be genuine…seek to show hospitality.

That might mean letting the dust bunnies be, if that is your genuine life. That definitely means love your family first and throughout your efforts, and not kicking the children under the table when they embarrass you “in front of the guests” (horrors!). Is it about you? No. It is about sharing life: its joys and sorrows, its embarrassments and its triumphs.

It is living and loving genuinely together.

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