5 Days of Organizing Your Kitchen Tools – Day 1: Organize Your Stations

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Welcome to Day 1 of this 5 day series on organizing! I’m joining 20 other bloggers this week to write for 5 days on a topic related to organizing and cleaning. It’s the first time I’ve joined up in an effort like this, and I’m looking forward to it.

  1. Organize Your Kitchen Work Stations
  2. Organize Your Kitchen Storage
  3. Organize Your Kitchen Tools
  4. Organize Your Kitchen Laundry
  5. Organize Your Kitchen Lists

Be sure to check out the other 5-Days series running this week, as well. You’ll find everything from cleaning your kitchen to organizing your grocery budget!

Day 1: Set Up Kitchen Stations

The first and most important step to an organized kitchen is establishing stations for similar and frequent activities.

With stations, tools and ingredients you need can be stored near at hand, promoting efficiency and saving you steps and time in the kitchen.

The easiest way to organize your kitchen is to split it into stations, each with their own organization system.

So let’s look at common stations in the kitchen.


Kitchen Mixing Station

Where do you do most of your measure, dump, and stir process? Do you have a spot of counter or an island you prefer?

Is there a spot in your kitchen where you can stand in one place and reach your mixing bowls, mixing spoons, measuring cups, and basic ingredients? Or does making something mean walking a route all along your kitchen pulling things out before you begin or while you work?

Sure, perhaps such a plan might help you increase your steps and aerobic exercises for the day, but if you want to be able to whip out food in record time, you need to store things that are used together near each other.

So examine your kitchen cupboards and counter space and see if you can arrange the following things in an area where you can access them all in no more than a step or two:

  • mixing bowls
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • basic, frequently used ingredients (maybe try a tub in a cupboard?)
  • mixing spoons, whisks and spatulas (maybe in a crock on the counter?)

Utensil Crock

Kitchen Cooking Station

Where your cooking station is located is much more straightforward: it’s by your stove and oven. This is where the hot-cooking gets done.

Now, clearly, pots will be stored near the stove and cookie sheets and the like should be near your oven, but are these other hot-work essentials within reach of these hot spots?

  • hot mitts & hot pads
  • trivets
  • pancake turners, spatulas
  • wooden spoons & turners for stirring pots on the stove
  • salt & pepper & herbs for seasoning as you cook?

The important thing to remember is to store things, as much as possible, near the point where you use it most. So, I store my rice, pasta, and popcorn in a cupboard right next to my stove.

french press

Kitchen Beverage Station

Are you a daily coffee or tea drinker? Are all your coffee making and drinking supplies stored together? Maker, filters, grinder, mugs? Can you stand in one spot and make your coffee? I have a few tips for you, I worked for many years at the little coffee place down the street and I know how to make coffee standing in one place!

Who wants to add steps and thinking in the morning before coffee, anyway?


Kitchen Washing Station

Here’s a station you probably already have set up, even without thinking it through. It’s simply common sense to store the soap and scrubbies at the sink.

In the same way, it makes sense to store other tools right where you use them most. Look around your kitchen and see where you can improve your efficiency in this way.

The easiest way to organize your kitchen is to split it into stations, each with their own organization system.

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