5 Days to Organizing Your Kitchen Tools – Day 2: Kitchen Tool Storage

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This week we’re getting into practical steps for organizing your kitchen. How do you know where your stuff should go? Today we have the answer.

  1. Organize Your Kitchen Work Stations
  2. Organize Your Kitchen Storage
  3. Organize Your Kitchen Tools
  4. Organize Your Kitchen Laundry
  5. Organize Your Kitchen Lists

Day 2: Where to Store Your Kitchen Tools


Take these practical steps to organize your kitchen tools. Knowing how frequently you use an item can help you decide where and how to store it.

How many appliances do you have? How many pots and pans and specialty pieces of cookware? These things can take up loads of space, so we need to be smart about the place we keep them.


Prioritize your space and your stuff.


Your “A” category space in your kitchen is your handiest and most accessible storage points. Look around your kitchen and determine where the easiest access places are for you: places you don’t have to strain to reach or contort yourself in odd ways to get at.


Your “A” category tools and appliances are the items you use on a daily or at least weekly basis. If you use them that often, you need to be able to get at them without straining, without moving and rearranging other things, and without taking too many steps from the point at which you usually use it.


Your “B” space is still handy space, but it might take an extra step to access. It might be the back of a large cupboard above the microwave, where you have to move your daily-use items a bit to get back there. It might be behind your mixer in a lower cupboard. It is space that is not necessarily quick-access, but still not inconvenient, either.


Your “B” type tools and appliances are those you use every couple weeks or at least monthly. You want them nearby, but they don’t need prime real estate. It might include cake pans, the waffle iron, a coffee carafe, the rice cooker, or your crockpot. It all depends, of course, on how often you use them.


Your “C”-priority space is the inconvenient spots in your kitchen. You don’t just want to waste the space and keep it empty, but you hate getting into it. It might be the back of a corner cupboard or the cupboard above the refrigerator.


Your “C”-priority items are items that need careful scrutiny. Do you have too many? Has it been two years or more since you’ve used them? Are they actually things you’ll use or do they need to be donated to Goodwill or sold at a garage sale? If you use them at least once a year and don’t want to get rid of it, you’ll want to relegate it to the least-loved storage spaces in your home. You might even consider places other than the kitchen. If you have a storage area in your basement or garage, these are prime items to be stored there. Certainly, they should not be taking up any easy-access spaces in your kitchen.

Examine, then, not only your kitchen storage spaces, but also your appliance and tool collection, and do your best to match up the heavy-use items with the easy-use spaces, and the infrequently-used items with the inconvenient-to-use spaces.


Take these practical steps to organize your kitchen tools. Knowing how frequently you use an item can help you decide where and how to store it.

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