5 Days to Organizing Your Kitchen Tools – Day 3: Ways to Store Kitchen Tools

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We’re spending five days this week taking practical baby steps toward organizing the kitchen and all the stuff found therein. It’s time for real nitty-gritty.

  1. Organize Your Kitchen Work Stations
  2. Organize Your Kitchen Storage
  3. Organize Your Kitchen Tools
  4. Organize Your Kitchen Laundry
  5. Organize Your Kitchen Lists

Day 3: Customize Your Tool Storage in the Kitchen

There are many kitchen tools available to us these days, and it’s easy to fill up our kitchen with them. There’s no one right or best way to store and organize all the spoons, whisks, and gadgets. Organizing these things needs to be a very personalized and individual thing. Here are some ways to store kitchen tools with pros and cons; think about your kitchen and your tools and your cooking style and decide which is best for what.

Option 1: Countertop Caddies and Crocks

Utensil Crock


  • Frees up drawer space, which is often limited
  • Keeps tools visible and ready to grab
  • Easily cleaned, just run it through the dishwasher


  • Takes up counter space
  • Tools are visible – not so good if they are old or worn

Option 2: Drawers without storage organizers


  • Drawer never needs to be reorganized or tidied
  • Doesn’t require any purchases or any more stuff
  • Best if your tools are few


  • Tools get lost in the back
  • Tools get tangled up together and can be hard to pull out
  • Tools can be difficult to spot

Option 3: Drawers with space organizers

drawer organizer


  • Keeps tools from sliding around and getting tangled or lost
  • Keeps tools visible and categorized
  • Keeps the drawer looking neat


  • Finding one to fit your drawers can be difficult
  • Tools will end up in the wrong place and need to be reordered regularly
  • Sometimes more hassle than its worth

Option 4: Hang that tool!


  • Frees up both drawer & counter space
  • Keeps tools visible and near-at-hand


  • Tools can be splattered and dirtied if mounted too close to the stove
  • Tools will always be visible, so they should be kept spotless

5 Days of Cleaning and Organizing

Join us tomorrow as we organize kitchen towels and other cloths!

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