Announcing: Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Edition of Simplified Dinners!

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Adhering to a restricted diet is difficult. It means paying attention – all the time. It means meal planning and food preparation where you might have relied on convenience foods before. It can be exhausting.

In addition to the mental energy required to stay on top of a special diet, there is also the vast new set of unfamiliar ingredients that seem to be necessary. Gluten‑free flour mixes usually require not only 5 or more flours to combine, they also require such usual things as xantham gum or guar gum. It can be expensive to set up an allergy-friendly pantry.

But you can set up an allergy-friendly kitchen with normal products from a normal grocery store.

Simplified Dinners: Gluten- and Dairy-Free Edition uses the same intuitive format and processes as the original edition, but includes more introductory notes, a revised basic pantry (no guar gum or xanthum gum, and no need for a health food specialty store!), no pizza, a new ‘lentils’ page, and additional meals in other categories. It also includes a desserts page!

Information about ingredient labels and options like the desserts page make this a great resource for those who do not have food restrictions, but who do have friends or family with food intolerances.

Simplified Dinners: Gluten- and Dairy-Free Edition is perfect for

  1. Those wanting to test out a gluten and dairy free diet for health reasons, but who would rather not invest in a whole new set of ingredients and cooking skills.

  2. Those who have adopted a gluten and dairy free diet, but are tired of experiments and want a fall back resource for basic meals.

  3. Those who normally eat gluten and dairy free but will be feeding non-restricted friends or family who are skeptical of “strange” foods.

  4. Those who do not have food restrictions, but want to serve friends or family who are; these meals will work for everyone.

Simplified Dinners eBook

Sometimes gluten-free cooking requires quite the kitchen science experiments, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. The dinners in this plan center on foods that can be prepared using basic staples from a normal grocery store.

Try it today!

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