Announcing Our Latest Arrival: Geneva Kate – Simply Convivial


Geneva Kate Winckler

November 2, 2012
7 pounds, 10 ounces
21 inches long

Despite being stubborn in utero by refusing to be monitored or stay head down, Geneva appears so far to be a placid newborn. More than likely, she’s just plain tuckered out from exerting her will and energy so much prior to birth and will be giving Knox a run for his money as soon as she’s had a respite.

I have now added ‘c-section’ to my list of experiences, but am happy it was c-section rather than breech birth. My doctor offered to discharge me at 30 hours after birth without my even asking, acknowledging I’d get better rest in my own bed. Geneva and I are enjoying our babymoon, hanging out together, being waited and doted upon in our bedroom.

More to come. For now we praise God for His providence and provision and particularly for this beautiful baby girl.

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    1. Thanks, Dawn. It’s kinda like the girl version of Calvin. :) Appropriate for the due-on-Reformation-Sunday girl. It would have been fun if she’d been born on Reformation Day. :)

  1. She is absolutely, spectacularly, perfect! Tara says she feels a connection – c-section babies born to 30 year old mothers :) Christmas can’t come too soon – the great aunties will be sharing our great-niece, and woe to those who try to take Geneva from us! :)

  2. She is SO beautiful! Congratulations. I’m due with baby no.4 (girl no.3) next Friday, so lovely to read this post! :-)

  3. She is absolutely beautiful! What a blessing. I had 4 c-sections & 4 healthy babies. That’s what matters. Congragulations.

    1. Thank you! Yes, her being delivered safely is what matters most. And, I would rather do the c-section again than several of the natural births I’ve been through. It is not the worst birth experience I’ve had. :) However, the recovery is certainly much, much harder.

  4. She has such a sweet face! I am sure she will never cause you any trouble. :-) Many blessings, and congratulations.

  5. Congratulations! She is so sweet!

    (I feel that I also must confess my jealousy. Number #3 is due in January and anyone who has had their baby is envied!)

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