Book Club Announcement: Ideas Have Consequences

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I have the pleasure of hosting a book club starting Monday, July 2nd, on Ideas Have Consequences by Richard Weaver.

That’s next week!

Anyone is welcome to join us. We’ll be a small, friendly group, and we welcome those who want to read along, post, and discuss; those who want to read alone and interact in comments but not post; and those who want to read the posts and interact, but not read the book themselves. You’re more than welcome, no matter which option you choose.

The Book

The premise is not so much to prove that ideas have consequences, but rather what consequences certain ideas have had, what ideas have shaped our current culture. Yes, he starts out the book with this wry and dry statement:

This is another book about the dissolution of the West.

Having looked ever-so-briefly through the book, I anticipate being challenged that I live out some consequences of ideas I say I disagree with. I also have a feeling I will not always agree with his assessments; he appears to be highly pessimistic, and I am an optimist, by nature and by theology. I look forward to some good discussions of what is good about modernity (I get the impression Weaver doesn’t think there’s any good), of what we should hold on to and what we should reject. However, can we reject an idea whose consequences we are compelled to live with (I don’t think any of us plan to go Amish)? He claims he ends the book with practical application. That will be interesting.

So, this is a book of exploring our worldview, our perspectives, our filters, and our lifestyles. It’s short, but it is rather dense.

The Club

I’ll post a brief summary and link-up post every Monday. If you write a post that week, at any point in the week, come link it up here. Also, add a link in your post to my link-up post (which will also link to the introduction and all the posts so far) so that your readers can follow the conversation, too. I will do my best to make a brief summary of the chapter in each link-up post so that participants can just write about the topic or rabbit trail that strikes them, sending their readers over here for the context.

The Schedule

July 2 — Introduction
July 9 — Chapter 1: The Unsentimental Sentiment
July 16 — Chapter 2: Distinction & Hierarchy
July 23 — Chapter 3: Fragmentation & Obsession
July 30 — Chapter 4: Egoism in Work & Art
August 6 — Chapter 5: The Great Stereopticon
August 13 — Chapter 6: The Spoiled-Child Psychology
August 20 — Chapter 7: The Last Metaphysical Right
August 27 — Chapter 8: The Power of the Word
September 3 — Chapter 9: Piety & Justice
September 10 — Personal Conclusions

And all posts for the book club here will be available at this address:

I hope you will join us!

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  1. Sarah
    | Reply

    Sweet! I bought this book when Cumberland Books closed down and have waited to read it, anticipating that someone might suggest a book club reading of it.

    Thank you for hosting, Mystie.


  2. Dana
    | Reply

    And a tidbit about the author by one of his fellow harbingers ~

    • Mystie
      | Reply

      Thanks, Dana! Do feel free to link up posts from Cindy’s book club as we go along. I hope you’ll join our discussions. :)

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