Capturing Contentment

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round button chicken


Birthday cupcakes! Mr. Knox Sir turned two on Saturday, with much fanfare.

I love two-year-olds.


My four-year-old volunteered to wash the silicone muffin cups! She thought it was play, and I thought it was a bargain — she washed them and they occupied her.


My six-year-old was staring blankly out the window while doing his math fact sheet. I called him back to the present by reminding him that he could go get the blocks if he needed help with the equations.

“I was just using the blocks in my imagination instead,” he replied, “so that I don’t have to put them away when I’m done.”


An island can be a playpen for an active two-year-old, particularly if it has a plate of sandwiches.

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  1. Kelly
    | Reply

    I love two-year-olds, too — it’s my favorite age.

  2. Tracy C.
    | Reply

    Way to put the kids to work! My 6 yr. and 3 yr. old love to wash dishes and play in the bubbles. It really is a win/win for us moms, isn’t it? I also love the imagination blocks comment- very astute and mature. Happy birthday to your 2 year old!

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Thank you, Tracy.

      On the blocks, sometimes laziness can be a spur to creativity, it seems. :)

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