Capturing Contentment: My Closet

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This week was closet week for Simple Mom’s Project Simplify. I took before pictures of 3 different closets, but only managed to tackle my own.


This is the shelf area where I keep my sweaters. It’s seen better days.

My main closet space is in our master bathroom, so the shelves hold our hygiene supplies.

My closet area is one of the areas most prone to entropy in the entire house.

Old habits do die hard.

This is, however, way better than the bedroom of my youth.


The “cleaning” of the closet pretty much was just a moving, a postponing, of the job from the floor and piles to the hamper. Now I have a big laundry day ahead of me.


I took a moment to turn around and purge and arrange my makeup drawer, too, so now it’s clear and my everyday stuff easily accessible.


My sweaters are purged and returned to order. I had three big sweaters I didn’t give up in the last purge, but I did decide this winter that heavy sweaters make me look heavy. I prefer the cardigan layered look. So out the big sweaters went.

I made room for a hanger with my headbands and a couple hangers of scarves, too, hoping that if I see them more often, I will remember to wear them.

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  1. Leila
    | Reply

    I use those containers to organize drawers too! Frugal and smart :)

  2. Lisa G.
    | Reply

    You’re really going to town!

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