Capturing Contentment: Pantry Organization

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This was pantry week for Simple Mom‘s Project Simplify, and Auntie Leila asked us to post something about making dinnertime smoother or nicer. A nice dovetail.


The state of my pantry.

The result of my clumsiness during “organization”:


I thought I had a fairly purged pantry, after all my efforts toward simplification in this area. Yet I found this bottle lurking in my pantry:

It must be at least 5-6 years old, and I’ve only ever used about 2 teaspoons. It’s still mostly full. Into the garbage it went. Apparently, I don’t use it, and therefore do not need it.


I had a bag of peanuts leftover from holiday peanut brittle days. Inspired by Make the Bread, Buy the Butter, I turned those peanuts we don’t eat into peanut butter we do eat!

Easy peasy! All I did was whizz the peanuts in the blender with a drizzle of extra oil, and it took maybe 1 minute. I’ll have to do the math on it and see if it’s cheaper than Adam’s.


An orderly pantry:

I love that since I’ve pared down the contents of my pantry, I know what is in it, it’s not full of bits of random ingredients, and it’s clear and uncluttered. I have not missed having a large repertoire of ingredients. Oftentimes it is working within confines that promotes creativity. Plus, it’s so much easier to keep orderly and fresh! Plus, I was able to move my pantry from long shelves lining the mudroom (freeing them to hold coat racks and all other outside gear) to this smaller closet, yet without it being unusably cluttered.

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  1. hope
    | Reply

    I laughed when I saw that hickory smoke bottle…I think I have one of those, also never used. I need to fish it out of the pantry and throw it away! Thanks for sharing your redo.

  2. Kelly
    | Reply

    What kind of oil did you use the peanut butter? I’ve only done it once, sans recipe, and it was too dry. We’re eating so much of it lately I’m thinking about making it regularly.

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      The recipe recommended peanut oil, but I used canola since it’s what I had on hand.

      • Kelly
        | Reply

        Thanks. That’s what I was planning on using since we usually have it on hand, and it seems sensible, but I wondered if there was anything recommended for any particular reason.

  3. Lisa G.
    | Reply

    Good job!

  4. Leila
    | Reply

    Nice! It’s so good to get things organized!

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