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round button chicken


I usually wear my hair in an updo, but this makes winter hats a difficulty. I started seeing wide knit or crochet headbands popping up online, and I thought I’d try my hand at one. It took me less than an hour, even though it was my own invented pattern! It has a button and button hole in the back, so it can go on and come off without disturbing my ‘do.

I had this Peaches & Cream cotton ball waiting for some fun application, and I think this was just the ticket.


We stopped to visit my Papa, and he took us all over to the game room, where we watched the children play billiards. They had a great time.


We had chocolate chip cookies, and Knox really did not want his face washed. Avoidance makes things worse.


Latin! We’re loving it. :)

Also, you will notice that, being a boy, Hans cannot use a chair properly. We insist at dinner and church, but not for schoolwork.

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  1. Woman of the House
    | Reply

    Great pictures! Your headband is darling. My husband is a Latin teacher. Good for you for teaching it to your son!

    • Lisa G.
      | Reply

      That little bitty one with the cue stick is pretty funny. Good job with the hairband – very inventive!

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