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round button chicken

This was our second week on our new school year plan. We had two weeks off after state-mandatory testing, and we are all actually relieved to be back to structured living after several months of first-trimester-induced flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants.

Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life

Well, as far as real life goes, the excitement of [last] week was the ceiling cracking open! I heard a strange noise, went around investigating, and ended up at the game closet, where I found this:

ceiling crack

We quickly evacuated our extensive board game collection (it’s my husband’s hobby), and just in time! Water was coming through the crack, which eventually split entirely open, dropping mounds of insulation all over the place. There was much excitement. Translation: Ilse utterly freaked out, suddenly fearful that the entire house was about to collapse on us all. “What will we do?” she went around moaning. Daddy was able to come home, figure out the leak was from the roof around the chimney, and get it all patched up and cleaned up. And now the game closet is clean and organized!

In other strange real life news, after putting Ilse to bed one night I noticed this in her room:

rose petal bath

Now that’s the way to pamper your doll!

Academics Accomplished

Circle Time Homeschool

We did Circle Time every morning except Mondays these last two weeks, and much to my relief, it all does fit in under an hour. Now I just need to figure out how to prevent Knox from fussing and trying to interrupt and steal the show. My current strategy is ignoring him unless he wants to sit quietly on my lap. After he was done breaking his crayons and taking off their paper, he’s not at all interested in them or coloring.

Hans has taken 2-3 hours to do his independent work that should take one hour, and I am pretty sure I am not being unreasonable in expecting it done in an hour. Some of it is unfamiliar work that will probably speed up as he gets used to it (he’s writing more than he ever has), but mostly he is dawdling and not putting all his attention into his work. I’m pretty sure that as the summer goes on and friends want to play more, his motivation to get his work done will increase.

We fell off the ball with Latin halfway through the year last year, so we’ve been mostly reviewing and finishing up the lesson we ended. Next week we’ll begin with new material, although I might have to move our Latin lesson to the morning. Right now I have us doing Latin during our “tutoring” time when I check his independent work, but when he’s not done until 4, I’m simply not at a place where I can do Latin, either energy-wise or time-wise. If his independent work end time continues to be this flexible and unpredictable, we’ll have to figure out a more standard time to get Latin done. Not working that out last year was part of the reason it got dropped. However, he’s been writing an original sentence in Latin every day these last two weeks, and I’m pretty pleased with them so far.

And here is my view during Circle Time:

Circle Time Homeschool

Real-Life Learning

Tree trimming field trip

We had a field trip come to us Wednesday evening! We’ve had heavy winds lately and found that a large spur of a large maple tree was cracking. Good thing we have a tree-trimming brother-in-law with his own truck, chipper, and huge chainsaws! We let the kids stay up over two hours past their bedtime, watching the action. Knox saw the truck come around the corner from the window and exclaimed immediately, “Woah! Big truck!” He lives to see big trucks, so he was in absolute heaven. I’m pretty sure he is ready to sign up as a tree-trimming apprentice right now.

Not only did the kids get to watch the truck maneuver into the side yard, their uncle go up in the bucket, the large branches crash down, their uncle take apart and adjust his chainsaw as Daddy explained how chainsaws work, and the chipper turn huge branches into bark, they also got to go up in the bucket truck with their uncle!

tree trimming field trip
tree trimming field trip
tree trimming field trip

Hans requested on his ride that stay stop on their way down at the top of the cherry tree so he could pick some cherries from the top. Uncle Daniel was happy to oblige, and Hans was pretty pleased with himself. Knox spent almost the entire two hours repeating, “Big truck! Big tree! Big wood! Big truck! Loud! Timber!” When Uncle Daniel finally pulled away in his impressive truck, Knox sighed, “All gone big truck with lights on?” I imagine he had some great dreams that night.

Some Books from This Week

I think the fresh school books are a hit, because both Hans and Jaeger were found Saturday and Sunday curled up with the new science books I added to the shelf last week.

Exploring Creation With Zoology 2 - Exodus Books
Exploring Creation With Astronomy - Exodus Books

It is more important to me that we have an atmosphere of reading, talking, and interest in our home than that a certain number of checkboxes are accomplished, so this pleased me immensely.

3 in 30 Goals

I’m a week late to declare my June goals, but here they are, nonetheless:

  • Home: Clear and tidy kitchen cupboards.

My “inbox” cupboard in particular is a total wreck, and all the cupboards need a good purging and reordering.

  • Family: Read daily with Ilse & Knox.

I tend to skip reading to the little ones too often, even though I do believe it is a very important thing to do. I need to act upon what I know.

  • Project: Get a start drafting the 31 Days series I am planning for October.

I want to join into Nester’s 31 Days series meme in October, but I want to write them all ahead of time so it can fill in for a maternity leave. There’s no way I’m posting every day in October, since I’m due October 28th! She will be a November baby, but October is not going to be a good writing month for me.

What’s for Dinner this week

roasted broccoli

My other blog, Simple Pantry Cooking, has our weekly menu posted.


For the rest of the month, I’m going to be mostly posting homeschool material reviews. Stay tuned!

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  1. Sarah
    | Reply

    That picture of the pampered doll is hilarious!

  2. Sharla
    | Reply

    My boys would go crazy over being able to go up in the bucket truck! Glad your husband was able to fix your leak and that you were able to get the games out in time.

  3. Sherri
    | Reply

    I am glad you were able to find and repair the leak!
    I love the pampered doll! So precious. I am also so glad you snapped a pic, something in the future for her to look back on.

  4. aurie
    | Reply

    What a great post!! My girls would love that bucket truck :) Can I ask when you started Latin with your kids?

    Thanks so linking up with 3in30!!

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      I started my oldest in third grade last year, but we only made it through half of the first book, mostly because I dropped the ball in my first trimester and never got it rolling again until now. :)

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