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round button chickenI am afraid they might not have been joking about C-section recovery really, truly taking a full 4-6 weeks. Sigh. It just seems like I should be able to at least do the laundry and make dinner. My floors are atrocious, but we’ve managed to keep the clutter from accumulating on horizontal surfaces, so my sanity is somewhat preserved.

Maybe after this enforced time off I’ll actually want to do the housework! One can always hope, anyway.

Well, with all the sitting with my feet up, I’ve made good progress on my next eBook (a guide to a paperless home management “binder”) and my email inbox is empty. I suppose I could have used this time to get some good reading in, but I tend to get absorbed when I read, and though I may not be quick on my feet, my attention is still incessantly demanded. Here’s my typical work set up of late:

It’s pretty sweet.

And, Knox has converted his toy flip phone into a laptop and sometimes joins me.

Speaking of working at home on the computer, my husband now does, too! He has a new job and he works from home. It will be interesting to see how that impacts things when we start actually trying to accomplish things ourselves, but for now we are enjoying his new 6am-3pm schedule with no commute time!

Of course, new things and big things were needed in establishing a home office, and the kids loved that! Hans & Ilse made a space ship out of one box, while Jaeger and Knox pretended to deliver each other by UPS around the country.

Jaeger has discovered the pleasures of reading with a baby in your lap. Here he’s paging through his favorite, Comus.


Really, holding the baby is about the only thing getting done around here lately.

And that’s ok.

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  1. Anna
    | Reply

    Sweet post, Mystie! Love the photos. :)

  2. Willa
    | Reply

    How cute!! I especially like Knox making his own “laptop”.

    My 5th was a C-section (breech like yours) and yes, it did take 6 weeks to feel somewhat back on my feet. Take care!

  3. Brandy @ Afterthoughts
    | Reply

    It always took me eight weeks. I am a slow healer, so I say this not to discourage you but just to tell you I think you are normal.

    I’m excited about your eBook but I fear I will not be much help as I am hopelessly attached to pen and paper and do not own the technology required to make a system like that useful… Boohoo. :) May I just say, however, that I’m impressed you are able to work on it at all! Good work, my friend!

  4. Leila
    | Reply

    Your children are so good at pretending! It takes me that long to recover from things too. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Just take as long as you need. And the day will come when you just have to wash the floor, and then you’ll know you’re good :)

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Thank you, Leila. I hope your recovery progresses well, too. :)

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