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round button chicken

Thursday again and June is nearly over! We haven’t even had much warm weather yet, bizarrely. 80 has been an infrequently occurring high. July might just come as a shock. My tomatoes are waiting for it eagerly, but while the cooler weather holds, my peas are producing an abundant crop!

Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life


Our life has been a bowl of cherries this last week. Yup. Our cherry tree produced a bountiful crop! You know what, though? That means a lot of tiring work, not ease and luxury! Cherry jam, cherry compote, cherry cordial, dried cherries, frozen cherries. That’s a lot of pitting!

Watch my Simple Pantry Cooking for cherry recipes coming up soon!

Academics Accomplished

math drill

Here is my diligent 7-year-old math student working on his daily Calculadder math drill sheet.

We had a strong school week. Still haven’t worked in those Latin lessons, but Hans is doing review Latin work every day and that is important. We need to get some new stuff in, though, because review only is starting to make Latin distasteful to him. However, I just am not sure it will get worked in while swim lessons are taking an hour and a half of our mornings.


Ilse is doing great with her Math-U-See Primer. She might just have a head for numbers. She can count to 100 unassisted and apparently is already familiar with the numerals and what they mean. This has been my experience so far with preschool and kindergarten. I find out they know what they are “supposed” to know already, and I’m not even exactly sure how or where they picked it up!

Real-Life Learning

Swim lessons are this week and next. Of course the boys helped pick cherries, getting some tree-climbing experience. Other than that it’s been Legos whenever they get a chance. Jaeger got quite an assortment for his birthday a month ago, and they are still thoroughly engaged with building their own creations with these new pieces. They are the sort who follow the instructions once out of obligation, and then throw them away and do their own thing.

Some Books from This Week

Hans read A Wrinkle in Time this week. He said he wasn’t sure what he thought, or even if he liked it much. He gives it three out of five stars.

While processing cherries, I listened to a library audio copy (I love that I can download library audio books with my iPad right at home!) of Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line. It did describe a couple abortions in vivid detail, so it is definitely not a book to leave where children might grab it (or play it when children might hear it), but it was a very compelling and well-told tale. I highly recommend it. It’s a good thing to hear first-hand the perspective from people on the other side of an issue and how they think and why they choose what they do. She believed that as a Planned Parenthood director, she could work to reduce the number of abortions, and she did believe that she was helping women in crisis. She also shows how opponent’s actions can work either to soften hearts or solidify and help the very cause they are working against. Prayer and love are effective, even if they take time. Hostility strengthens the other side. Moreover, her story clearly reveals how hidden and “forgotten” unrepentant sin blinds us to other moral decisions, and causes inconsistency between the way we live and what we say we believe. It was a thought-provoking and yet engaging story.

3 in 30 Goals

3in30 Challenge

  • Home: Clear and tidy kitchen cupboards.

I tackled my inbox cupboard on Tuesday! I feel much better. Not only did it get cleaned up, but I also took care of 3 month’s worth of stacked paid bill stubs and receipts and other to-file papers. Whew! Next up: the pantry.


cluttered cupboard


tidy cupboard

  • Family: Read daily with Ilse & Knox.

Almost practically made this one. Good enough for me, anyway. :) Plus Hans and Jaeger have been frequently reading to them, also!

  • Project: Get a start drafting the 31 Days series I am planning for October.

I have a table of contents for both series, so I know I have 31 posts, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.


I will be hosting a book club for Ideas Have Consequences starting July 2nd. That’s less than two weeks away! I will have an announcement post up soon about this club; I’ll try for tomorrow. Anyone is welcome to participate with us!

Also, please visit and “like” Simply Convivial’s Facebook Page to keep up with posts, see links to other great articles, share, and have discussion! Next week I will announce a Facebook-Page-Only giveaway, so stay tuned!

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  1. You’ve are doing a great job with your goals!! And I am impressed that you are doing year-round homeschooling. We take a summer break each year.

  2. Nikki
    | Reply

    What a great week you’ve had! I need to go through my kitchen cupboards, too, and do some rearranging. And I can’t believe that you’re already working on things to post for October; I’m not sure what I’m going to write about next week!

  3. I know it is alot of work but those cherries do look really yummy!!!!

  4. Ann
    | Reply

    What a productive week you’ve had. The cherries look delicious – and right off your tree! That sure would be a treat! You did a great job organizing your cupboard.

  5. aurie
    | Reply

    I remember when we would go an pick strawberries and instead of being fun it was work as we made jams and jellies and pies! I had totally forgotten that until now :)

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