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The two older boys got to go camping over the weekend with my parents. They had a great time, of course, particularly the geocaching with my dad. Well, that and eating six s’mores each, and, I see from the picture, getting their own cans of Mountain Dew. :)

Academics Accomplished

[For new readers: We school year-round, and are particularly working at getting a good start on the year now because I’m due to deliver a baby in early November.]

Between swim lessons, farmer’s market, and preparing and sending the older boys camping, we didn’t do any school last Friday. On Tuesday we drove to the butcher about an hour away to pick up the cow we had purchased — a whole beef, all wrapped in white paper and frozen. So we listened to Grammarland, Story of the World volume 1, and Pilgrim’s Progress during the drive.

It’s a 2-lesson week in Math-U-See for both boys, though, so progress is certainly being made on that front. Hans is now finished with all the multiplication fact lessons and has most of them down pretty well. He has 10 lessons left in Gamma, most dealing with multiplying multi-digit numbers, and then he’s on to division in Delta! Jaeger, also, is almost done with multi-digit addition in Beta and is soon to move on to mastering subtraction. He has 15 lessons to master before moving into Gamma himself.

I still haven’t incorporated new Latin lessons into our day, but having it after Hans has finished independent work is certainly not going to work. His finishing time is too variable, and with the summer plan of morning time outside and independent work in the hotter afternoon, he can linger over his work until it’s witching hour (you know, about 4:30 or 5, when the kids need to pick up but they fall apart, dinner needs to get made, Daddy’s not home quite yet, and everyone mostly feels done for the day). And I’m not starting Latin at that point in the day! I suppose I’m not dedicated enough.

Next week, once swimming lessons are off the calendar, I’m going to attempt to get a start on Latin before Circle Time, since Hans is usually the first to finish his morning things anyway. Then he can finish up the work if needed during said independent work.

Real-Life Learning

jumping in puddles

We had a crazy rainy day on Tuesday, and Knox and Ilse had the best kind of preschool there is: splashing in puddles in the rain.

Plus this was our second week of swimming lessons. We’ll find out this morning if they passed their levels. I’ll be glad to be done leaving the house every morning for awhile. In two weeks we’ll do a two-week set of tennis lessons, which the boys are really looking forward to.

Some Books from This Week

I was able to make a book order with accumulated Amazon affiliate credit (thank you!). There are three new-to-me (I love that Amazon has used books!) titles on my shelves now:

That last one has a great subtitle: “Selected Contrary Essays on How to Finally Acquire an Education While Still in College or Anywhere Else: Containing Some Belated Advice about How to Employ Your Leisure Time When Ultimate Questions Remain Perplexing in Spite of Your Highest Earned Academic Degree, Together with Sundry Book Lists Nowhere Else in Captivity to Be Found.”

But I’m trying to make a concerted effort this month (ack! week!) to finish off books that have been on my “currently reading” list for, well, most of the year.

3 in 30 Goals

This is the last week in June! Crazy.

  • Home: Clear and tidy kitchen cupboards.

I straightened up my pantry yesterday. Just in time to fill ‘er back up next week! Matt cleaned out the fridge for me last week, too. So the places that were in dire need of reordering have been tamed.

  • Family: Read daily with Ilse & Knox.

reading on the couch

I’m doing better but still not so hot with this. The good thing is that Ilse is back to pestering for books. You know you’ve said, “Not now” too often when they stop asking! In this picture, she is “reading” Pajama Time
to Knox.

  • Project: Begin writing the 31 Days series for October.

Zero progress here. At this rate there won’t actually be a maternity break from blogging, my blogs will just go into a coma instead. :) Instead of working on that, I read & wrote for the book club that begins Monday on Ideas Have Consequences. Consider joining us!

round button chicken
3in30 Challenge

10 Responses

  1. Tress

    That is an awesome book title!

    I love your blog, but you should definitely feel free to take a blog break at the end of your pregnancy and during those special first weeks with the new baby. I take extended breaks from…well, everything when I’m pregnant (hyperemesis gravidarum, sigh), so I’m already impressed with everything you do.

    wishing you a great summer!


  2. Brandy @ Afterthoughts

    Hello, dahling. I keep toying with the idea of doing a 31 days series as well, but only in my mind. So far *nothing* on paper. :)

    I’m going to have to get myself a copy of that Covenant Theology book. I need something concise and simple to go through. I have too many books on particulars instead of broad overviews. Tell me: Is “Introducing Covenant Theology” the same as his book “God of Promise: Introducing Covenant Theology?” The reason I ask is because the latter looks like the original edition and I’m not sure if it is significantly different? The hardcover price is less than $2, which makes me prefer it, all other things being equal…

    • Mystie Winckler

      You’re the reason this book was on my radar, Brandy! Back long ago when you asked for something that summarized Covenant Theology and this book was the only one that really seemed to come up.

      Looking at the title page, it is the same book and this is only a new design and title, not even revised. So jump on a $2 hardback! I should have looked closer myself. :) If I get to it anytime soon I’m sure I’ll be emailing you with reactions. ;)

      • Brandy @ Afterthoughts

        I look forward to it! I feel like I need to read something simple but thorough. My extensive Dispensational reading and training trips me up all the time, and my Reformed theology is very piecemeal through more issue-type books (like worldview books or Covenant Children or paedo-baptism or communion or what have you). I like that it was described as 101. That is what I want: an entry-level layman’s education to build upon. Thank you!

  3. Mystie Winckler

    Thanks, Tress. Yes, I intend to take a blog break, but I also want to revamp my old, popular series from my old blog to this blog as part of Nester’s 31 Days Series link-up. :) So it’s really only editing content and getting it scheduled so it runs itself all October and into November. Then I will start posting only baby pictures all the time. ;)

    • Brandy @ Afterthoughts

      What was your old series about? For some reason I don’t remember it…

      • Mystie Winckler

        The “Getting Things Done for Homemakers” series. It got (and still gets) lots of search engine hits.

        I think part of the reason I’m holding back from diving into the editing is feeling like a fraud on implementation right now, not to mention at the time of its posting! I’ll have to make sure and work in plenty of humor as I go.

        • Brandy @ Afterthoughts

          Oh! I *do* remember that. I liked it but I don’t think I got anything done during that time. :)

          Perhaps you will reform me this fall.

  4. That is such an adorable picture of your little ones!! Good job this month, with your goals.

  5. aurie

    Wow – you made amazing progress :) Way to go! I love the picture of the kids reading together!!