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round button chicken

homeschool math

Anyone else familiar with math sheets that look like this? And who is disheartened by how long math takes? I guess I could just check off the drawing box as happening concurrently with math — except that I don’t really check boxes, because I have zero motivation for keeping unnecessary paperwork.

homeschool math

And unnecessary paperwork is really all the preschooler’s work is, but she loves it. She had a little math envy, looking over at Hans with lots of numbers and even parentheses on his sheet, and decided hers needed some of that, too.

Around here, apparently, math is all about decorating sheets of paper.

Academics Accomplished

Math: check. Reading (i.e. history, science, literature, & preschool): check. Circle Time: check. Writing: check.

Only math did happen every single day, but the others happened more than they didn’t.

Handwriting: no. Latin: no new lessons. Bible: only half the days. Tea time: Hasn’t happened once this term.

Um, so, yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about school. :) Having things to do has been clearly a very good thing for the older two boys.

Real-Life Learning

hammock reading

This about sums up the essense of education, don’t you think? An 80-degree day with a pleasant breeze, in a hammock with an interesting book. That is the life right there. All he needs is a glass of lemonade. Of course, it’s a good thing he didn’t have one, because then the book would inevitably end up a sticky, wrinkly mess.

hammock reading

Oh, and don’t forget: a toddler curled up at your feet.

And we’ve gotten some gardening in, too. The peas are done and the tomatoes and green beans should be ready any day now!


Some Books from This Week

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I’ll post about the books we’ve read in June.

3 in 30 Goals

3in30 Challenge

New month, new goals! Here we go!

  • Home: Clear out our small back storage area.

Completing this task requires completion of several subtasks:

  • Organize kid clothes (the seasonal & new-size shift left a mess of the boxes, and I am the keeper of not only my own stash of boy clothes, but also the church’s collection of hand-me-downs. I have enough of my own that I don’t even touch the church stash, and now I’m having a girl. There is simply an overwhelming amount of clothes & even though I have sorted & donated the boys’ clothes already when all the boxes got soaked due to a leak in the storage area, I need to purge again and donate a good number of the baby clothes to the Pregnancy Center). Soon I’m sure I’ll be the recipient of church girl hand-me-downs, and I need to make room. Moreover, my girl baby clothes are in the very back of all the clothes boxes (I kept a very small amount and passed most of Ilse’s into church circulation, and 3/4 of her clothes are church pass-arounds).

  • List & sell (and then donate anything that doesn’t sell) my collection of things to sell on Craigslist (that have been gathering dust for 3 years now). This will free up a chunk of shelving, and be a weight off my mind and to-do list.

  • Break down and get rid of the empty, unused boxes in there. I don’t know why I feel compelled to collect boxes, but I don’t need a 7 foot tall and 3 foot wide pile of them.

If I do those three things, then I might still be able to access my freezer in a month when I start getting gigantic and unwieldy. As things stand now, I can hardly get in there in my current “cute pregnant” stage.

  • Family: Get up by 6 or 6:30 and take a walk every weekday morning.

Yup, that counts as a family goal. It’s good for everyone all around. Plus, if I don’t start moving soon I won’t be able to go up even our half-flights of stairs without huffing and puffing, and that’s just pretty pathetic.

  • Project: Finish and launch Simplified Dinners: Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Edition.

There’s not much work left. I’ve proofed it on paper and have to fix it digitally; I’ve tested the new recipes; and Matt has created the cover for it. I just need to finish correcting the errors I caught, write a new introduction, write some new sales copy, and send out information to those who have requested a gluten-free version. Matt will also need to add it to the website, but he can’t until I write the verbiage. I’m also hoping to add a video to the main page.

What’s for Dinner this week

potato sausage hash

My other blog, Simple Pantry Cooking, has our weekly menu posted.

I also have a post up this week about not being a slave to recipes, with photographic evidence that a dinner is never the same twice at our house: Recipes are Only Guidelines: Potato Hash


The book club for Ideas Have Consequences has begun, but it’s not too late to join us! I post the summary of the week’s chapter and a link-up on Mondays. We’d love to have you participate!

8 Responses

  1. Leila

    Reading in the hammock — doesn’t get better than that!!

  2. Ann

    You have great goals set for this month. The book you’re writing sounds interesting. We have to make dairy free food too because of an allergy to milk.

  3. My favorite pictures are always the ones where they don’t know that it is being taken, capturing them as they really are! Looks like you had a great week! Enjoy the cool weather for me it is HOT here in Kansas!

  4. How cute that your daughter wanted to get in on the math work! My son likes math, but it is also his hardest subject.

    Great goals this month! But boy, you must be a morning person to want to do anything that early. Good on ya! :)

  5. Jamie {See Jamie blog}

    I love the photo of your son reading in the hammock! I want a hammock! :) Of course, it hasn’t been in the 80’s here — more like 100+ so the hammock would be slightly less enjoyable right now!

  6. Aunt Lanie

    Those math sheets look suspiciously like the “notes” I take during meetings. =)

  7. Amber @ Classic Housewife

    Yes, we get some pretty interesting math assignments here, too! =) Thankfully, the time it takes to get it done has decreased a little as they’ve gotten older (though I expect an increase again once Princess begins Algebra next year!!) =S

  8. aurie

    I love these goals!! Can’t wait to see your finished product on the cookbook :)