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Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life

round button chicken

Real life: This week I didn’t take any pictures but the one below, even though there were ample opportunities.

Matt decided the children needed a wading pool, so that has been a fun new thing around here this week. Also, the older two boys are taking tennis lessons from 8:30-9:30 every morning, so we actually have to have our act together straight away.

I suppose I could try to claim that I’ve been living life instead of photographing it, but the plain truth is that last Thursday I left the camera downstairs at my desk and I never got around to getting it back to its handy home.

Academics Accomplished

Tuesday: Tennis lessons were first thing in the morning, then I let the kids have an hour in the wading pool. We managed to get in our history listening time & written narrations before lunch. In the afternoon the boys did their independent work and math and also had piano lessons (thankfully, the teacher comes to our house!). So we didn’t get to Circle Time or preschool time, but it was a pretty full day. The boys also spent some time reading in the late afternoon while the younger ones went out for a second dip in the pool.

Wednesday: Tennis lessons, then playgroup at the park. We were home a little before 1 and got unpacked and changed and settled and the boys started in on their independent work. I was too worn from spending hours outside to do much of anything. So, I sat with ice water, managed to sneak in a milkshake without anyone noticing, and wrote the next book club post. We didn’t do Circle Time or Listening Time, but I did fold the laundry, tidy up the kitchen, and make dinner. The boys completed their work, did their math and piano practice, and spent some time reading. It was hot and we were all tired, so I let them all play Wii for awhile, too, while I clicked around on the internet and folded laundry. It was the closest thing to quiet time I’ve had in a couple weeks! Summer term means school in the afternoon, and if Knox naps he wakes up at 2 or 3 am, so quiet time has been non-existent lately and I’m starting to feel the wear.

Still, though we really only had about a half-completed week of school (I didn’t take notes last week and simply can’t remember now what did or didn’t happen), Jaeger will start his third math of the week lesson today (and MUS is roughly a lesson-a-week program) and Hans is on his second lesson of the week. So I think we’re doing ok.

This is our sixth week of Summer Term! We’ll actually head right into week 1 of Harvest Term next week and then take off the next two weeks.

Real-Life Learning

Last Saturday my sister took Hans and Jaeger rock hunting for agates an hour or so outside of town. They hiked, got muddy, drank lots of water, and came home with pockets full of rocks (which I appreciated more than the times they’ve come home with buckets full). She even took them out to lunch on their way home. These kids have some pretty cool relatives, that’s for sure.

But I’m not on Facebook, so I don’t get to see any photos. :)

Some Books from This Week

Ilse & Knox’s favorite book right now is Bedtime for Frances. I love Bedtime for Frances.

3 in 30 Goals

  • Home: Clear out our small back storage area.
    • Organize kid clothes: This is the task I tackled this week. Going through the boy clothes took pretty much all of Saturday. I went through everything from newborn to a small stash of size 10 I was given. I have been the keeper of the church boy clothes collection, which is vast, so I pared it down to a large bin per year (and combined years for 2-3T), and I have 2 medium boxes to donate to charity, 1 medium box of baby things to donate to the pregnancy center, 2 bags to my sister-in-law, and 2 boxes to pass onto a neighborhood couple who are expecting a little boy almost 8 years younger than their oldest & only boy. That’s a lot of clothes! I even pared down some of the collection for Knox as he grows. A boy doesn’t need 12 t-shirts. :)

I only had one box of girl things. Most of Ilse’s clothes are handmedowns from various friends at church, and so I just pass clothes off as she outgrows them to the next girl down the line. I’d been given 2 bins of baby girl things, but it turned out they were mostly 12-18 month outfits. They were quick to sort through and decide what to keep and what to pass on.

sorting shoes

  • List & sell things to sell on Craigslist: That’s next up.
  • Break down and get rid of the empty, unused boxes: I also did this, including the diaper boxes all the clothes had been stored in (because I finally moved the clothes into plastic bins), and passed them onto a friend who is moving soon.
  • Generally sort & organize the area so it’s useable: I’m looking forward to this!

I actually love decluttering and getting rid of stuff. It’s kinda like losing weight, in a way. It’s a pleasant feeling.

  • Family: Walk every weekday morning.

I have twice, but I’ve also had alarm malfunctions and a few late or bad nights where I needed the extra sleep. So I’m not doing too well on this one. It would be good for me if I did. I’m entering the phase where bed is uncomfortable after awhile, so maybe that will help the motivation.

  • Project: Finish and launch Simplified Dinners: Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Edition.
    • Finish corrections: Done with that.
    • Write a new introduction: It’s percolating in my mind, but I have nothing written yet.
    • Write sales copy: I have some basic drafting & outlining done, but nothing presentable yet.
    • New information on website: Not yet.
    • Upload file & update settings on e-junkie: Nope, that’s the last step.
    • Send emails: No, but I need to start at least listing who should get notification emails.
    • Bonus: Record & add a video: I have a script written, but I need to figure out a good place with good lighting to do it.

What’s for Dinner this week

homemade hummus recipe

My other blog, Simple Pantry Cooking, has our weekly menu posted, as well as a recipe for homemade hummus without tahini.

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  1. Nikki
    | Reply

    You’re doing great with your goals! Keep up the good work.

  2. Ann
    | Reply

    You made a lot of progress on your goals this week! Congratulations!! That’s wonderful that you were able to donate so many clothes to such a variety of people/places. That’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. :)

  3. Sherri
    | Reply

    Wow what a great week you had on your goals. Awesome job!

  4. aurie
    | Reply

    Way to go – that is great progress!! While sorting the clothing bins is not my favorite chore, I must admit that when it’s all done and sorted I love the end result :)

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