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Another week! Because I’ll be doing the 31 Days to GTD for Homemakers in October, I won’t be doing these update posts again until November, when we will hopefully have a little baby! Then it will be weekly baby pictures, which are always fun. For the mommy, anyway. :)

Pretty, Happy, Funny — Real Life

building forts

Well, I continue to be remiss in taking random photos along the way, but I did remember to snap one of Ilse & Knox. Ilse has been enamored of fort-building of late, and I take big deep breaths and actually let her have at it. My idea of being a fun mom is shutting my eyes and not being a killjoy, I guess.

I have no picture for it, but my mom has been coming a couple times a week to help out with housework as I’m in my last month of pregnancy! That’s been a great help. Between her folding the laundry and sweeping and Matt doing the dinner dishes every night and the kids accustomed to daily afternoon picking up, things are actually staying in pretty good shape!

Academics Accomplished

Our school work has been humming along nicely as well, in its own abridged way. We do piano practice (because we’re paying for lessons; funny how that works), math, circle time, and independent work daily, and listen to history (SOTW audio) 2-3 times a week (doing a written narration afterward).

Real-Life Learning

I always forget the camera, but we go every Friday to the local Farmer’s Market where Matt’s mom keeps a stall for a local farmer. We go at the end and help her load everything back up into the big truck after her long day. She pays the boys 50-cents, and Ilse 25, and the last few weeks Knox has insisted upon getting in on this work business so he, too, gets what he clutches and calls, “Mine own money.” He earns his little dime, too, carrying empty lugs to the truck and pushing baskets to the back. It’s definitely a good thing for the kids: work, vegetables, and chattering to Grandma. The bag of leftover produce I get to take home isn’t half bad, either. :)

Some Books from This Week

Our church bought at least 20 of the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series, and the boys have been plowing through them, reading each one at least twice. I waffled a lot about purchasing at least some when I was book buying for the year, but never found good used prices and ended up picking other books relating more to our school year. These are perfect free reading books for elementary students, though. I’m so grateful our church library decided to get them!

What’s for Dinner this week

My other blog, Simple Pantry Cooking, has our weekly menu posted.


Monday begins the 31 Days series on both blogs! They are prewritten and prescheduled, so it constitutes a blogging maternity leave for myself while you all still get some fun content. I’m looking forward to it; I think both series are really quite good, if I do say so myself. :) Click the buttons to find out more about each one!

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    I bet it is lots of fun helping Grandma ;) I love Farmers Markets and seeing all the fresh produce. Have a great blogging maternity leave and can’t wait to hear of your delivery! ;)

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