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I love the idea of decorating for Easter, but haven’t really made it happen yet.

Someday I want a wooden cross with the appropriate color sash draped on it, some sort of Easter (but not Easter egg) wreath, and a branchy tree with eggs and maybe these art hangings.

Circle Time


Food, rather than activities, is where I most easily make traditions.

  1. Good Friday: We’ll have breakfast for dinner, including hot cross buns.
  2. Sugar Cookies: We’ll make and frost sugar cookies for Easter
  3. Easter Breakfast: We’ll have eggs, bacon, Empty Tomb rolls (the hot cross bun dough shaped with a marshmallow inside so it’s hollow) and Raspberry White Chocolate Kolache.

The kolache will be a new attempt this year.

I love both ham and bacon, and I am fond of reminding my family that had not Christ died and rose and fulfilled the law, we would not be able to eat either. So what more appropriate food to enjoy on Resurrection Sunday?


Umm….I am not really an activity sort of Mom. The kids will help with the rolls and sugar cookies and that’s my kind of craftiness.

On Friday we’ll go to the Good Friday service. On Saturday the kids will color eggs and have an egg hunt at my Mom’s.

Easter Morning

The night before, I’ll set the table for breakfast with a white tablecloth and flowers. Each place will have the children’s Easter basket with goodies and presents, including Ilse’s Easter dress & a tie for the boys.

Instead of the annoying plastic grass, I use (and reuse) green tissue paper. Each child has their own personal color, and each will also have 12 eggs to find around the house after breakfast.

Of course there will be Resurrection Sunday Service at church, then an extended family dinner thereafter.

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  1. Vondalee
    | Reply

    Well, about that Saturday egg coloring . . .

    The kids have the Davis Invite in Yakima that day, starts at 10 a.m. and will go thru the middle of the afternoon. Since we won’t have Story Hour that morning, perhaps we can color eggs here instead???

  2. Vondalee
    | Reply

    oops, I should say no Story Hour on Friday morning. :)

  3. I like your simple plans – found you from the #hsblogger twitter party – nice to “meet” you

  4. Sharlene
    | Reply

    I hadn’t thought about ham in relation with Jesus’ death. That is a reminder that Jesus’ death affects our lives in many wonderful ways. I agree that ham is a very appropriate dish for Easter.

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