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  • Why? (November 2009)

I suspect it would have been just as difficult for Elly to not make her bed as it was for me to make my bed. In both cases, it would seem to us that something was not right. In my case, because a jumble of blankets was normal, and a made bed was unfamiliarly neat-looking.

Establishing a routine bestows more emotional energy.

Everyday on the schedule is a day toward the goal. Every day off the schedule is not a day off, but a day — or maybe even too — backwards, away from the goal.

“What are the demands that the needs of our families or neighbors lay upon us? That is the line of duty God has marked out for us. […] Duty is good. When we do it, we are doing good, but are not thereby gaining merit.” — Elisabeth Elliot

So, here we are again, and I’m talking myself into this all once more. However, the routines I began to work on did work on the days I worked at them, so I know I have something workable here.

To make a bed, after so many years of reasoning to myself that it is a stupid thing to do, is a job in resisting and breaking my inclinations

How can we help ourselves do what we know we should be doing when we can’t get over ourselves well enough to get moving and get it done? After all, we already know in that moment, that getting over ourselves would solve the supposed “energy” problem.

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