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Well, the next hour of our homeschool doesn’t fit Leigh Bortin’s pattern, either: Circle Time.

Circle Time

Circle Time is our all-together time, and takes around an hour, give or take 10-30 minutes based on people’s cooperativeness. Hans and Jaeger will have their hands, mouths, and eyes engaged the whole of the time. Ilse will have her own binder so she can “follow along” if she wants, or she will be able to color. But she’ll stay at the table. Knox will have the option to sit in my lap or color in his chair or play at the nearby children’s table with one activity bag — and he has the option of moving between these three options.

I’ve already written enough about Circle Time this year, don’t you think? looking over the Circle Time plan for this year, I might need to adjust the schedule to start at 8:45 instead of 9, to ensure we’re done at 10 — which we will need to be for various summer activities like swim lessons and for our regular friend time, every Wednesday at 10. I hope to have math, piano, and Circle Time done before we do anything, or go anywhere, else.

Being able to get these basics done before 10 is one way that schooling through the summer is possible. We can get some school done in time to still meet friends at the park or go swimming, eat a picnic lunch, then return and the boys can finish up the rest of their work in the hot afternoons while the little ones rest or sleep.

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    Your Homeschooling Model does a superb job illustrating your ideas. She’s darling!

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