Homeschool Review: Calculadder Masterpak CD

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CalcuLadder MasterPak 1 CD-ROM - Exodus Books

This CD Masterpak works great! My mom used Calculadder to drill us when we were in elementary, and now I’m using it for mine. It progresses slowly but methodically and logically through the math facts, requiring both speed and accuracy before moving on to the next level. Making drill such as this a part of math practice helps achieve the mastery required to do higher level math with ease.

The answer keys are particularly clever sheets with the answers to each row printed along the edges of the paper, so you match it up under the row and see at a glance if the row is correct, then turn the paper and move it down to the next row, seeing at a glance if that row is correct. It makes it quick for mom to check or easy for self-checking.

The ready-writer sheets are preschool and kindergarten level mazes that are perfect for the younger sibling who wants a worksheet to do along with everyone else.

The levels are not graded, but should be started from level 1 (writing numbers at a certain speed) and progress as they are completed under the time limit with 100% accuracy. Even older students struggling with algebra would benefit from reviewing and drilling the basic facts.

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  1. Christian

    Hey there Mystie!

    I’ve always planned on doing Calculadders, just haven’t gotten around to implementing them. One thing I didn’t realize is that these start with writing the numbers. One of my little scholars writes many of her numbers backwards. Do you think this could help with that, without having to slow down too much in our other math instruction?


  2. Mystie Winckler

    Hi Christian! Yes! I have had that same scenario. :) So the Calculadder sheet was the “write the number the correct way” practice that look 2-3 minutes, then we did the real math lesson.

    Eventually I started marking his answers wrong when the number was backwards, saying, “Well, that’s not a 4.” :) But that wasn’t until the beginning of second grade and that cured him fast.

  3. Christian

    Thank you!