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I absolutely love the Dover coloring books. The line drawings are artistic and beautiful, and they have coloring books for every school subject, every time period, and almost every interest. The paper is heavy and the quality is excellent.

Amazon sells them with their 4-for-3 deal, making them about $3 each.

Ok, yes, I’m cheap. But even at $3 each I don’t want to hand over the book to my 4-year-old and say, “Consume away!” I copy (with my printer/copier/duplex laser printer I love) the pages I wanted to use for school or for coloring time. Besides, then I can continue to collect new books rather than replacing consumed books. However, the copyright permissions in each book was not quite clear if this was permitted. The permissions granted were generous, but it didn’t clearly state that making continuous copies (for our own family use only) was ok. I read article after article online about copyright permissions, especially as pertained to homeschool education use and found the novel idea of simply asking for permission. I did so, via Dover’s website, and within an hour received an email back granting me permission “of course” to make copies for my family.

So now I have each coloring book in its own file folder with the binding cut off so they can be more easily copied. I have picked up a few for 50-cents at our local curriculum fair, and after the additions for this coming school year, our collection is nearing 40.

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    thanks for letting us know copying is permitted for Dover coloring books! I love Dover coloring books.

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