Keep the Plan Challenge, week 2

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So, here’s how it will work, if you want to be social and accountable during the challenge. You have two options:

  1. Post at least once a day to Twitter about whether or not you kept your routine, using the hashtag #keeptheplan
  2. Come back here to this post and tell us in the comments throughout the week how things are going.

Keep the Plan Challenge, week 2: Evening Routine

Evening routines are not about that day, but about the coming day. What can you do in the evening that will make waking up and starting your day much more pleasant and inviting?

If your after-dinner clean-up routine is already solid, you might want to think about things like setting out clothes for the next day, starting your coffee, or looking over the next day’s calendar events.

Me? I need to return to the basics. I cut myself way too much slack these last several weeks, and just when I had thought my routines were getting ingrained. Ah, well. So, my three evening tasks I pledge to do this week are

  1. Load & start the dishwasher; hand wash all dishes remaining.
  2. Clear & wash down the kitchen island.
  3. Sweep the kitchen and around the dining room table.

Pretty basic. Pretty foundational. But they haven’t all been happening regularly lately, at least, not by me. Matt has taken them on most evenings, and I certainly won’t turn down any help to get it checked off the list this week, either. But it is time to get back on my feet and make sure my duties are taken care of, one way or another.

Participate in the Challenge

  1. Link to this post on your blog, Pinterest, FB, Twitter, or however you like to share things.
  2. Keep accountable with how things are going by tweeting with the hashtag #keeptheplan or coming back here to comment.
  3. Check back on Thursday. My Capturing Contentment posts this month will focus on the results of the challenge in my home.

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