Keep the Plan Challenge: week 3

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So, here’s how it will work, if you want to be social and accountable during the challenge. You have two options:

  1. Post at least once a day to Twitter about whether or not you kept your routine, using the hashtag #keeptheplan
  2. Come back here to this post and tell us in the comments throughout the week how things are going.

Can we add another set to our morning and our evening routines? My original plan had been to add an after-lunch set of tasks, but I realized last week that what I really need to focus on more than sweeping or dishes is taking care of myself and my littlest child.

Keep the Plan Challenge, week 3: Stay Healthy

There are three things, then, that I want to make sure I do this week (and for weeks thereafter):

  1. Drink [two pitchers] of water.
  2. Take my prenatal vitamins.
  3. Take a walk — either with the kids or on the treadmill — or work in the garden.

I used to be in the habit of filling my pitchers with water the night before, refrigerating them, and then drinking from them throughout the day. Often I would make it infused water, sticking in slices of lemon or orange or cucumber. I lost the habit and the amount of water I’ve been drinking has nosedived. Increasing the amount will help me feel loads better, I am sure.

Ok. I’m committing to do it here to you all. I hope it helps!

Participate in the Challenge

  1. Link to this post on your blog, Pinterest, FB, Twitter, or however you like to share things.
  2. Keep accountable with how things are going by tweeting with the hashtag #keeptheplan or coming back here to comment.
  3. Check back on Thursday. My Capturing Contentment posts this month will focus on the results of the challenge in my home.

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