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Are you ready for a challenge? I know I am, and now you know why. Order has been hanging on by a thread for the last month and a half as I’ve found myself in the throws of first trimester extreme fatigue. I am now at 11 weeks and the fatigue is beginning to lessen, and it’s about time to take things in hand again before chaos sets in.

So, here’s how it will work, if you want to be social and accountable during the challenge. You have two options:

  1. Post at least once a day to Twitter about whether or not you kept your routine, using the hashtag #keeptheplan
  2. Come back here to this post and tell us in the comments throughout the week how things are going.

Keep the Plan Challenge, week 1: Morning Routine

Decide on three morning things that help your morning or whole day run more smoothly.

Pledge to do these three things every morning this week before getting online.

I have a real problem with starting the day getting sucked into my email, blog reading, and Pinterest-checking. So my plan is to make sure my three things happen before I can even check my email. That will be difficult for me. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My 3 morning tasks will be

  1. Start a load of laundry.
  2. Do a 5 minute bedroom & master bathroom tidy.
  3. Know what is for dinner.

I already always get dressed before emerging from my room in the morning, so I refrained from making that part of my resolve and giving myself an easy one. But it really does help!

These tasks are part of my HomeRoutines morning list, too. I had just gotten it all set up just right when I realized a pretty list just wasn’t going to help my fatigue and nausea. But it is patient and is just sitting there, ready to go whenever I am. And I am ready, like it or not.

Participate in the Challenge

  1. Link to this post on your blog, Pinterest, FB, Twitter, or however you like to share things.
  2. Keep accountable with how things are going by tweeting with the hashtag #keeptheplan or coming back here to comment.
  3. Check back on Thursday. My Capturing Contentment posts this month will focus on the results of the challenge in my home. Before and after pictures are very motivating!

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13 Responses

  1. Fittsy
    | Reply

    Before 7:55 AM:

    1) Sunscreen and Make Up On (like you, I already get dressed but without this step, which I always wish I did)
    2) Start a load of laundry (thanks for the inspiration)
    3) Scrub the bathroom for 5 minutes (thanks, Flylady, but I”ve never made it a real habit)
    A bonus 4) Straighten master for 5-10 minutes

    Now I need to make a daily reminder of these, lest I forget!

  2. Mystie Winckler
    | Reply

    Good ones! When I am back on board with my housekeeping, adding hair & makeup to the morning routine would be good. :)

  3. Amanda Evans
    | Reply
    1. Read the Bible
    2. Start a load of laundry (I’m really liking the one load per day method)
    3. Do morning checklist (this is a one hour period of brushing the children’s teeth, fixing the girls’ hair, doing the breakfast clean up, and doing one housecleaning task in the room assigned for the day.)

    Looking forward to the extra accountability!

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Good list, Amanda! It is a much more ambitious one, as well. :)

      So far Monday and Tuesday I’ve done my 3 things before getting online, and it feels good!

      • Amanda Evans
        | Reply

        I am not in the extreme fatigue of first trimester. I have an 8 month old who sleep through the night. Now is the time to hit it hard!

        • Mystie
          | Reply

          Yes, it is! A baby who sleeps through the night is a huge blessing!

  4. Amanda Evans
    | Reply

    I don’t have twitter so I’m just going to check back here. This morning I read the Bible while nursing the baby, I got two (!) loads of laundry going, and the morning checklist is done. It was tricky because we found a house that we are trying to buy so I keep talking over things and running numbers through my head. So this is a perfect week to have the extra accountability to keep me focused!

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      And I kept my list this morning, too.

      That’s exciting! I hope it works out for you! Moving can really disrupt rhythms. :)

  5. Brandy @ Afterthoughts
    | Reply

    I’ve been meaning to thank you for this. I could very easily have fallen off the wagon this week with sickies in the house, but your reminder via Twitter came just in time. This morning went smoothly in spite of itself!

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      The power of autopost saved me from succumbing to a sicky-house excuse, as well. I woke up Monday, groggily went to the computer, then remembered what had been posted overnight. :)

  6. Amanda Evans
    | Reply

    Today was a #keeptheplan fail, but I got most of the grocery shopping for the month done and handled paperwork for our mortgage pre-approval. So all in all it was a productive day!

    • Mystie
      | Reply

      There are definitely days some things have to give. :)

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