Menu Plan Monday: Second Week in March

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  • Breakfast: granola
  • Lunch: flatbread & hummus, pears
  • Snack: pretzels
  • Dinner: meatballs, rice, spinach salad


  • Breakfast: granola
  • Lunch: rice, broccoli, cheese
  • Snack: pretzels
  • Dinner: flatbread, *pulled pork, spinach salad


  • Breakfast: muffins
  • Lunch: w/ friends
  • Snack: pretzels
  • Dinner: *ham & veggie frittata, sweet bread


  • Breakfast: granola
  • Lunch: flatbread, hummus, pears
  • Snack: pretzels
  • Dinner: ham & split pea soup, salad


  • Breakfast: granola
  • Lunch: flatbread grilled with cheese
  • Snack: pretzels
  • Dinner: *foil-packet fish, salad

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