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Thus begins the Poetic Knowledge Book Club!

Local friends: The Mid-Columbia Library system has this book on order. I’m the first and only hold on it right now. The first local friend who emails me wanting it can have my 3 weeks when it arrives. :)

Here we go!

Chapter 1: The Validity of Poetic Knowledge

Poetic Knowledge is

  • a sensory-emotional experience of reality
  • an encounter with reality that is nonanalytical, beautiful, awful, spontanious, mysterious
  • it is when one sees with delight or terror the significance of what is really there
  • part of the tradition of the Realists
  • a natural human act
  • a synthetic (synthesizing) & penetrating vision
  • an experience that gets us inside the thing to be known
  • a form of knowledge through sympathy
  • gained through learning by imitation
  • gained through intuition

Poetic Knowledge is not

  • a knowledge of poems or poetry
  • exclusively Romantic or mystic
  • only in the realm of feelings
  • analytical
  • gained by systems & methods

Poetic experience and knowledge is essentially passive, and listening is above all the gateway, along with looking, to the poetic mode.

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Discussion Questions

How can poetic knowledge be something we implement when Taylor says it happens when the child is left alone, when the child is undistracted by systems and methods, when the child’s senses and emotions come naturally into play, when the child’s imagination and memory through wonder and delight lead him toward imitation?

Can we then harness poetic knowledge as a mode or an approach when it is, by definition, spontaneous?

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