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This week we are covering pages 28-57 and next week we will read part 1 of Chapter 3: Connatural, Intentional, and Intuitive Knowledge (pages 59-75).

I still have a few pages to go to finish this chapter myself.

Chapter 2, part 2: The Philosophical Foundations of Poetic Knowledge

Poetic Knowledge was further developed by Augustine, Benedict, and Aquinas.

Poetic Knowledge is

  • aesthetic knowledge
  • enjoying something for its own sake
  • sensory-emotional
  • delightful contemplation
  • a way, a path, of knowing
  • a way through leisure and reflection
  • God-granted & initiated enlightenment
  • in the immediate, “present”
  • wise passiveness
  • revelation given to a patient, silent, receptive listener
  • a disposition
  • perceiving metaphysical essence
  • admiration, enthusiasm, devotion, love
  • simplicity
  • seeing the beauty and splendor in the ordinary
  • integrated sensibilities (the senses, emotions, will, and intellect)
  • play

Your Thoughts

Discussion Question

What is the correct response to ourselves or our children when we do not enjoy a subject or a thing?

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