Reviews and Giveaways of the eBook Simplified Dinners

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The reviews are starting to trickle in on my eBook, Simplified Dinners. If you’ve been wanting to know more about it before following through on the purchase, then here are some links to learn more from others’ perspectives:

Mountaineer Country: Simplify Dinner!

Simplify Dinner by Mystie Winkler is written on the premise that simplifying your menus means less time planning, less time in the grocery store shopping, less money spent, a less cluttered pantry, and all-around less stress. Mystie writes, “The more simple I keep things, the less mental energy my stuff requires of me, and this includes food shopping and preparing.” What a great premise!

Contented at Home: “It’s no secret: I hate planning a weekly menu.”

No wonder, then, that I was so excited when Mystie offered me a copy of her new ebook, Simplified Dinners, to review. Try out a new method to simplify menu planning? Save time and mental energy? Definitely interested!

Simplified Dinners begins with a master pantry list that contains every single ingredient needed to prepare every meal in the ebook. By stocking your pantry according to the master pantry list, you will always have the ingredients on hand for a variety of meals, all without needing to plan a detailed menu.

Both these reviews are also currently running a giveaway of Simplified Dinners! Head on over for chances to win a free copy!

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