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Grilled Sweet & Tangy Ribs at Food for my Family.

I am still on the watch for a go-to ribs recipe. We buy our beef from the farmer or butcher by the half or whole cow, so I always have ribs in the freezer. I’ve yet to find a recipe I really love, though, which seems a shame when we’re talking about ribs!

This one, though, seems like just the ticket. And the best part: I don’t have to adjust anything. It already uses only ingredients in my pantry.

Sloppy Joes without ketchup at Our Whole Story.

We had these for dinner this week and they were a hit. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve made sloppy joes, but these made a very satisfying, non-junky-tasting meal.

By the way, I love using Pinterest to save recipes. Pinning the picture to a board is a much more pleasant — and useful! — way to save a recipe than a bookmark or an email or saving it some other way. I have several recipe boards you can follow. Do you save recipes on Pinterest?

Boston Baked Beans at Simply Recipes

I usually prepare baked beans in the crockpot, but I currently do not have a working crockpot! I bought a real Crockpot at Costco earlier this year after the lid of my crockpot of ten years shattered. The lid on this one, though, sputtered liquid all over the counter and one day, after leaving the house all day with dinner in the crock, it apparently sputtered enough liquid directly into the control panel that the digital works failed — leaving us with a room-temperature ham.

So, for now, I need a Dutch oven beans recipe and loved this one.

But, for later, do you have a crockpot you love and would recommend?

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