Simplified Menu Planning: Day 11 – Finalize your master grocery list

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31 Easy Steps to Real Foods Planned, Purchased, & Prepared

It’s easy to collect excess stuff and food in the kitchen and pantry, and it’s easy to lose focus and forget how to set up an efficient kitchen or a useful, healthy menu plan. So, during 31 Days to Simplified Menu Planning, we’ll take the necessary steps to simplify and streamline our food-related efforts.

Now that you’ve examined all your food inventories and listed your preferred meal types and recipes and decided what you will make and what you will buy, you have what you need for a complete master grocery list.

Step 11: Finish Up the Master Grocery List

If you’ve been taking notes on a master list already, then you’ve got it. If you haven’t, then now is the time to go back over the previous days and get that list written down in its entirety: all the spices and herbs, all the baking supplies, all the cold items, all the produce, all the canned and dried goods, all that you need to prepare what you’ve listed – and nothing more.

Once you have all the items in a list, you’ll likely want to organize the list to make it more useful. List the categories of foods together as they are grouped at your most frequently used grocery store or as they are grouped in your pantry spaces.

With this list, then, you can make a quick grocery list without referring to recipes or the calendar or ads or coupons. Print out a clean copy, go around your kitchen and pantry and circle what you need to replenish or cross off what you don’t need to purchase. Five minutes or less and you have a complete resupply grocery list.

Wonder of wonders!

Next up, sorting and paring down your recipe collection to make it useful.

The Simplified Pantry course is a 6-week process that will leave you with a streamlined menu planning system customized for your family’s needs.

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