Simplified Menu Planning: Day 12 – Purge Your Recipes

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31 Days to Simplify Your Menu Planning

31 Easy Steps to Real Food Meals Every Day

Set up your pantry, grocery list, menu plan, and dinner recipes to simplify and streamline the process. Our families insist upon eating. Every day. Be prepared. 31 Days to Simplified Menu Planning will show you how to develop a simple, easy, and effective strategy for feeding your family, without a ton of recipes.

Now that you have your master grocery list finalized, you can purge your overflowing recipe collection.

Step 12: Declutter Your Recipes

It is so easy to collect a mountain of recipes, particularly with the advent of food blogs and Pinterest. While it can be inspiring to see so many ideas, it can also be overwhelming.

potato hash

Having a limited master pantry list gives you a filter through which you can reduce the mental, paper, and bookmark clutter that the abundance of options brings. Unlimited choices are actually paralyzing, not freeing. With a simplified approach you will have limited options, but it is much easier to pick between 5 or 10 desserts than 100s.

If you really want to get serious about simplifying and decluttering, then toss and delete all your accumulated recipes that do not fit with your plan. It’s not a necessary step; you could keep them all on hand “just in case.” But if you did ever want them again, there’s always Google.

If this is your first attempt at switching from a typical American diet to eating real foods, it can also be helpful to simply get rid of the recipes that might tempt you off your new track. Keep the real foods options forefront and stop collecting pins about all the ways to use a cake mix.

As with all purging and decluttering, there is a peace and calm that comes with fewer options and less stuff.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss options for hospitality and taking food to others.

Mystie Winckler began menu planning at 11 years old when her mom delegated one dinner a week to her. Marrying at 19, she’s had a lot of practice over the years. But between growing and homeschooling her family, meal planning often requires brain power that just isn’t there any more. Simplified Dinners is her solution to take the effort and thought out of healthy, frugal cooking. And now it is available for you, too!

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