31 Days to Simplified Menu Planning: How to Simplify Your Kitchen Flow

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31 Days to Simplify Your Menu Planning

It’s almost here! Monday begins my contribution to The Nester’s 31 Days round-up with 31 Days to Simplified Menu Planning. I’ll be going over the process I went through while creating Simplified Dinners, though it took me much longer than 31 days! I’ve distilled and condensed that process and will write about it in manageable, bite-sized chunks that will help your kitchen process – everything from planning, to storing, to shopping, to cooking – flow smoothly.

31 Days to GTD for Homemakers & Homeschoolers

Not only will I have 31 Days to Simplified Menu Planning here, over at my homemaking blog, Simply Convivial, I will also have 31 Days to GTD for Homemakers. That series will walk through the principles and practices outlined in David Allen’s Getting Things Done, but applying it directly to moms at home.

  1. Take Stock: What’s in Your Pantry?
  2. Purging & Paring Down Your Pantry
  3. Organize Your Kitchen Stations
  4. Go Through Your Fridge
  5. What’s in Your Freezer?
  6. The Best Way to Store Potatoes, Garlic, & Onions
  7. The Short List for Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks
  8. List Dinner Ideas with the Master Pantry List
  9. Choosing Homemade and Store-Bought Ingredients
  10. Choose 1-3 Quick & Easy “Plan B” Meals
  11. Finalize Your Master Grocery List
  12. Purge Your Recipes
  13. Plan Potential Hospitality Dinners & Desserts
  14. Organize Your Remaining Recipes
  15. Identify Your Food Sources
  16. 5 Ways to Stock Meat
  17. 5 Ways to Stock Fresh Produce
  18. Organize Your Grocery Lists
  19. Compare Prices & Create a Price Book
  20. Decide on Your Shopping Strategy
  21. Create and Maintain Inventories
  22. Never Run Out of Your Staples
  23. Set Up Your Menu Plan Calendar System
  24. Pick a Kitchen Day & Kitchen Tasks
  25. Add Menu Planning to Your Task List
  26. Make Checking Your Menu Plan a Habit
  27. Keep up Your Inventories Daily

Simplified Dinners eBook

All the thinking tasks on this list can be short-cut simply by purchasing my eBook, Simplified Dinners, which helps anyone simplify menu planning and get dinner on the table with ease while allowing creativity and flexibility. It contains 16 basic meal types with the process lined out in a quick-reference style, then 3-9 variations for each. I kept the master pantry list as short as possible while still being versatile. Simplified Dinners allows you to grab the list and go to the store without having thought through all the week’s meals beforehand and also to plan dinners without keeping track of ingredients to buy. It also frees you to buy whatever meat or produce are on sale, and know that you have the ingredients and the instructions to make it into dinner, whatever it is.

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    Thanks for putting this together, I found it to be really helpful.

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