Simplifying Dinner, even for those with food allergies!

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Adhering to a restricted diet is difficult. It means paying attention – all the time. It means meal planning and food preparation where you might have relied on convenience foods before. It can be exhausting

In addition to the mental energy required to stay on top of a special diet, there is also the vast new set of unfamiliar ingredients that seem to be necessary. Home-mixed gluten-free flour combinations usually require not only 5 or more flours, they also require such usual things as xantham gum or guar gum. It can be expensive to set up an allergy- friendly pantry.

And what if you just want to temporarily try out a gluten- and dairy-free diet to see if it helps? Do you really want to invest the time in replacing your normal recipes or the money in buying special foods? 

You don’t have to. You can set up an allergy-friendly kitchen with normal products from a normal grocery store.

Simplified Dinners: Gluten- & Dairy-Free Edition Coming Soon!

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    I am looking forward to this.

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