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Hello, dear readers.

So, I just had you change your feeds to convivialhome.com and now I have to ask you to change them again! Turns out a realtor wanted to pay good money for the domain convivialhome, and so I sold it to her. I don’t know how many days the transition will take, but my wonderful, web-developer husband just moved the whole Convivial Home set up to our new domain: SimplyConvivial.com. Actually, he said it was like sticking a new label on a file folder rather than like refiling papers. So, here we are, new label sparkling. Until the transition takes place, convivialhome.com will redirect to simplyconvivial.com

So, if you have a sidebar link, you’ll need to update that again — sorry! If you subscribe by rss, the easiest thing to do is to click the icon there on the sidebar. There is also the option to subscribe by email, or you can follow me on Twitter (link there on the sidebar), because my feed is published there, too.

I will retain the name Convivial Home for the blog, though.

Thank you for making this transition with me! Stay tuned, I’ll be running a giveaway here next week!

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