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This weekend I wanted to share some free audio resources I’ve been enjoying lately on education. If you are a teacher – at home or a school – these will infuse your summer with motivation and inspiration!

Society for Classical Learning

The Society for Classical Learning just posted all the audio of their 2012 conference free on their website. Also the previous several years’ worth of conference audio are also available.

CIRCE Institute: Consulting and Integrated Resources in Classical Education

Andrew Kern

CiRCE just held their 2012 conference and I am eagerly awaiting news on the recordings (which are worth paying for). They have recently made some of the talks from previous conferences available online for free.

Also, don’t miss these talks by Andrew Kern, given at a homeschool conference this summer, available for free for a limited time: You Become What You Behold and Assessment That Blesses.

Christopher Perrin of Classical Academic Press

Christopher Perrin wrote the Latin curriculum we use: Latin for Children. He has some really excellent audio available for free, as well. My favorite is The Lighter Side of Education: How to Relax, Enjoy and Laugh and Still Be a Parent-Educator.

Grab that laundry and get a little mind-food in while your hands are occupied!

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