What Is Circle Time?

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After the memory work details last week, I thought I’d continue with more about Circle Time, particularly since I received an email asking me to. Here you go!

What is Circle Time? The best part of your homeschool, that's all.

“Circle Time” is the time we do our all-together things, toddler included. A two-year-old singing “For All the Saints” while playing is priceless. We do our Bible time, singing, memory work, and Bible lessons during this time. We usually follow it right up with reading from our lesson books (such as history) that the older two boys do jointly, but I don’t count that as “Circle Time,” because I don’t make the younger kids stick around for that. Circle Time is our time to start the day off together with prayer and singing and God’s Word before we get into the grind of the day.

However, with little ones, toddlers particularly, Circle Time itself can sometimes become the hardest grind of the day, only excepting the 5pm meltdown (and let’s add in 3pm if you, like me, have a busy toddler who won’t nap). I’ll address that in a separate post. We’ll try to keep this one inspirational.

Kendra of Preschoolers and Peace and Cindy of Ordo Amoris are the ones who introduced me to this concept years ago, for which I am very grateful. Cindy provided the long-road vision and encouragement, while Kendra provided the practical tips, particularly in regard to having mostly little ones in the mix and the constantly changing nature based on the ever-changing dynamics with a growing family.

So I will let them explain it:

Circle Time 101 at Preschoolers and Peace

“One of the most important things about Circle Time is that it causes us to be faithful in prayer together every morning. It is also a time I can gather the littlest ones in close and communicate to them that I want them there, and even if I am busy with the older ones and school, I want them there.”

Explaining Morning Time by Cindy

“So you probably imagine me doing all the things I think are important along with all the things you think are important but that isn’t how it works. Have you ever been in a group of homeschooling mothers and listened to the conversation and come away feeling like you were failing in 6 different areas? We all want to be the composite supermom and we project that onto women we admire.

“Our morning time has become a way for me to fit in the things that would slip between the cracks. As an added benefit, it promotes a family culture and leads to daily family worldview discussions. It also squeezes out some other things that I also think are important but not important enough to give up the benefits I have described.”

What Is Morning Time?
by Cindy

“Approximately 20 years ago as a result of my early home school adventures and the reading of For the Children’s Sake (Susan Schaeffer Macaulay) followed by The Original Home school Series by Charlotte Mason, I began a morning meeting with my children as a way to incorporate subjects that were important to me but easily lost in the shuffle of conventional schooling.”

Kendra even wrote an ebook on Circle Time, explaining the nitty-gritty of putting together a Circle Time that fits your family’s needs, circumstances, and personality.

And Brandy of Afterthoughts has written about Circle Time over the years, as well, including “I Love Circle Time.”

Tomorrow: Circle Time Agendas from Previous Years

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