What is Simplified Pantry?

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Simplified Pantry is an extension of a personal project I have been pecking away at for years. I had this notion that it would be wonderful to never run out of ingredients I needed. I had grown tired of paging through cookbooks and sifting through online recipes. I hated having specialty ingredients get lost and forgotten and go bad in the back of the fridge or pantry.

Little by little I cleared out my pantry, purged my recipe collections, and honed my master grocery list.


Get dinner on the table fast. Don't worry about specialty ingredients. I'll show you how you can have real food, real fast.


I have found that living with fewer things has been freeing — mentally freeing. And it’s actually meant that my family has been eating better — more real, whole foods — but without fancy recipes or fancy ingredients or fancy grocery stores. My town has no Whole Foods and no Trader Joe’s — but my good-ol’ WinCo has all I need.

My eBook, Simplified Dinners, is one result of my journey toward paring down. This blog will also explore menu planning, recipes, and techniques for simple, wholesome, family cooking. Simplified Dinners takes the thinking out of the whole dinner cycle of planning, shopping, and cooking, and makes it easy for you to customize the healthy, whole-food recipes according to your family’s tastes.

This is no foodie blog with intimidating or glamorous recipes. This is a get-dinner-on-the-table blog, written by me: a homeschooling mother of five.

This is no organic-buying, grain-soaking, sugar-condemning blog. This is more Farmer Boy style food: home-cooked, basic, hearty.

My goal is to encourage moms in their never-ceasing responsibility to feed their people. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be good, or pre-packaged to be simple, or unpleasant to be healthy.

I try to find contentment and joy in feeding a family from scratch by making it simple, flexible, and low-key – and I’d like the same for you!






Plan ALL the meals!

The Simplified Pantry menu plans make it easy! Menu planning shouldn’t require magic to make everything come together. Find out how quick and simple menu planning can be with the Simplified Pantry system – get started for free!

Download the free menu plan printable that will help you navigate three meals a day, every week.

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