2013 Summer Term, Week 2: Busy!

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The Week in Brief

We had a doozy of a second week, with swimming lessons from 9:30-10:15 and a watercolor class for the older two from 12:30-2.

Still, amazingly and despite all odds, every day this week we’ve managed to do an abbreviated Circle Time (I leave out the poems and catechism) and most of the boys’ math (they are only doing two Calculadder review drill pages for math for this week and next). We even did some Latin, which I didn’t want to drop right away while my second is still so enthusiastic about beginning.

Books Read This Week

This week Hans only had to finish If You Had a Horse, which he started last week. With all the other activity, I knew there wouldn’t be much reading time this week.

Jaeger read one book this week: Constantine by Slaughter (historical fiction), but didn’t finish.

I had Mindset by Carol Dweck from the library, but after getting through the first chapter, I decided it was not worth my time. I thought the concept had potential, but the book was unorganized, disconnected, often unclear, and not engaging. Disappointing.

~Pretty~ Moment

round button chicken

During Circle Time this week (done in swim suits, so we can leave the house soon after), Knox and Ilse used the new washable dry erase markers I picked up at the irresistible back-to-school display at WalMart this week. They work quite well! I can attest that they do come right off all materials (hands, boards, tables, and clothes) with water.

~Happy~ Incident This Week

My boys’ watercolor renditions of Starry Night, done at their watercolor class.

And, I even let the little ones paint while the bigs were at class, so I definitely scored “fun mom” points this week.

~Funny~ Scene This Week

Nature study on the kitchen floor!

Not only can ants carry food twice as big as themselves, but they can carry another ant on top of said food. Knox was impressed that the one ant was giving the other a ride. He did report that the ant getting the ride finally did get off and help.

~Real~ Life Learning This Week

Wednesday and Thursday the boys were actually able to finish their two math drill pages (each supposed to take 3-4 minutes if we were timing them) in under 15 minutes when we did them immediately after Circle Time with 15 minutes until we had to go to swim lessons. “Wouldn’t it be great to know all during swimming lessons that you’d already finished all your math?!” I encouraged them. And they took me up on that and did it.

Friday was a different story, but the root was fatigue after a busy week.

I think that starting with math drill for the first couple weeks has been a good brain warm up activity after 6 weeks of break.

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  1. Diana
    | Reply

    Love the nature study on the kitchen floor!

    Great job on the Starry Night painting!

  2. Linda
    | Reply

    What a great week! I’m very impressed with the Starry Night painting. And how wonderful that God brings nature study right to us, wherever we are. So thankful for little that see that even when we don’t.
    We will begin our school year this coming week, incorporating a circle time at the beginning of our days. Full time schooling won’t happen until September, but I am enjoying the reports from others who’ve already started. Great motivation. Thanks for sharing, Mystie.

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