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Organizing Homeschool Stuff

When you think “organized,” what picture pops into your mind? Probably something that would make a splash on Pinterest: something beautiful, something labeled, something amazing. But, organization is actually about being prepared and having a useful home for your stuff – and that’s it.

Being organized means making it work for you, not you for it. If it makes your life harder rather than easier, that’s not organized.

Crayons Reserved for Math-U-See Primer & Alpha

containing homeschool clutter

Ok, so this is easy and quick, but it’s one of those little things that just makes life smoother and simpler and nicer. I’m on my third time around in MUS Alpha, now, and I’ve finally acted upon that little nagging idea that begins with “I really should just…”

Instead of saying it again, I just did it.

In Primer & Alpha, there are multiple lessons (and a lesson generally lasts an average of a week) that ask the student to color in the pictures of the blocks the right color.

containing homeschool clutter

And, in previous years, I had pencil and crayon issues to start with, so then opening the book and realizing that right now, this instant, I needed the crayons to approximate the colors of the MUS unit blocks was just a headache and a temptation to close the book and say, “Let’s not do math today.”

organizing homeschool stuff

This year, knowing this was approaching, when I opened the new crayon box and emptied it into its container, I pulled out the colors that best matched the manipulatives and put them into a small index card holder (just because it was the smallest container that would hold them that I already had unused on hand). Those now go into the math bin.

organizing homeschool stuff

Sometimes it’s the little things that just make life feel more manageable.

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2 Responses

  1. Rebekah L.
    | Reply

    This is our first year using Math U See (Alpha) and I did the same thing after about a week of searching for the crayons every day. So. Much. Easier.

    I bought one of those craft organizers and am loving it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Beth
    | Reply

    I put the colors that matched the MUS blocks in the organizer so we weren’t digging around looking for them.

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