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Organizing Homeschool Stuff

Organization means your set up is useful to you and helps you be prepared. It doesn’t have to look amazing to be organized. It just has to be ready for you when you need it.

My Pencil Issues

containing homeschool clutter

Ok, so I’ve already bared my soul about the pencil problem. I’ve tried at least one, and often more like three solutions to solve the mysterious problem of the disappearing pencils, crayons, and any other necessary school supply.

If you have fastidious children, or if you are meticulous yourself, then you might not have this issue.

I’m thinking my 5-year-old might make a fastidious child if I don’t ruin her, but the others seem like myself: more clued into efficiency than neatness. In other words: fight any unnecessary expending of energy and effort. Perhaps, even, we might be simply lazy.

organizing homeschool stuff

So, finally this year we’re doing much better on the pencil and crayon scene, and it’s because I’ve finally owned the problem myself. I can’t (or, at least, shouldn’t) be upset about the kids not keeping track of things if I can’t even do it myself. So, this year at least, keeping track is mostly my job. Until I have demonstrated (even if only to myself) that I can stay on top of this, I will not expect the children to stay on top of it.

In this case, it has been the organization of my attitude more than the organization of the pencils that has caused the shift. However, this shift has meant that there actually are pencils when we need them, without sighs or glares or snarky comments. Without glares, sighs, or snarky comments is the best success, but on top of that, as icing on the cake, there are also pencils.

organizing homeschool stufforganizing homeschool stuff


organizing homeschool stuff

I like this set up because

  • the school coloring sets stay together and nice because they are only used under my supervision, and I get them all the way put away (up high) when we’re done.
  • I have an irrational affection for Sterilite containers.
  • I’m controlling myself rather than trying to micromanage and control the children.

organizing homeschool stuff

So often what needs organizing more than the stuff is my own attitude, stress, and expectations. Turns out, straightening that out sometimes leads to the stuff being more manageable, too.

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