31 Days of Simplified Grocery Shopping!

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Simplified Grocery Shopping

In my years of simplifying in the kitchen, cooking with fewer ingredients, limiting my recipes to those that use my simplified master list, and writing Simplified Dinners I have found the benefits of reducing my options have made it worth it. I have no regrets when I bypass the fancy bottled sauces, most canned products, and boxed macaroni and “cheese.” I don’t have to be tempted by the extreme couponing fads, because I just buy basic ingredients that don’t have a huge marketing budget behind them.

Limitations can bring freedom. The options available at any grocery store can be overwhelming and even stressful. Being able to walk past 80% of the grocery store’s contents with a peaceful, “Nope, that’s not part of the plan,” is freeing. It even makes shopping with kids easier, because you’re making few decisions on the spot, so you’re more available and present rather than wrapped up in comparing salad dressings or wondering if this or that is a good deal.

simple grocery shopping

The bottom line for myself has been that the more simple I keep things, the less mental energy my stuff requires of me, and this includes food shopping and preparing.

So, during the month of October, I wanted to share tips that have made grocery shopping less of a hassle, even when I take the kids along.

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