Capturing Contentment in My Kitchen

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round button chicken

I thought it would be fun if I posted a quick weekly post with pictures from my kitchen life. Real stuff. Family cooking. Mistakes. Improvisions. Messes. Good food.

Joining up with Like Mother, Like Daughter’s Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real link-up is a perfect fit for what I’d like to do. The slogan for their weekly series is “Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life.” It doesn’t get more everyday than mom in the kitchen, whipping out something to fill the tummies of her children.

Whenever I mention a dish where I did use (or write) a recipe, I’ll make sure to link it.

This is the inaugural post here, but then it will have to pause until November, because in October I will be writing 31 Days of Grocery Shopping Tips! Make sure and stay tuned for that.

Pretty Homemade Pesto

simple family meals

enjoy homeschooling

I used my immersion blender to make a quick batch of pesto with basil from my garden. I added walnuts and Parmesan cheese and olive oil and a bit of salt, then blended until it was all combined.

I didn’t realize until I had two jars tucked in the freezer that I’d forgotten garlic. Oh well. Next time I’ll remember. It was still good.

Happy Dinner Helper

simple family meals

enjoy homeschooling

My kids love having their “dinner helper day!” And, they are actually getting enough experience to be of real use in the kitchen.

Funny — in a morbid sort of way

simple family meals

Real Food

simple family meals

I am still eating low-carb. I have lost thirty pounds since Geneva was born (that counts the fluid retention after my C-section) and have 15 to go. My strategy is simply to have eggs for breakfast, a substantial salad (with cheese & nuts) for lunch, and to skip the starch at dinner.

Still, sometimes when my dinner sandwich looks like this, or I see another huge pile of lettuce in front of me, I sympathize with Pooh when Christopher Robin said to him, “I’m afraid no meals. Because of getting thin again.”


enjoy homeschooling

simple easy homemade family menu plan

Next week will begin a 31 Days series here at Simple Pantry Cooking! I’ll have 31 Days of Grocery Shopping Made Easy, so you don’t want to miss it.

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