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round button chicken

We’re on a break week this week from school. However, it’s not looking like I will have the entire house cleaned and organized by the end of the week like I’d been dreaming about for the last couple weeks. Still, all the clothes collections from baby/maternity/season switches are cleared out of our bedroom, and that feels good!


Big blue eyes and a big smile with dimples are oh so pretty.

She’s three months, almost 3 1/2 months, old now, and such a bright, animated little blue-eyed thing!


I bought a grain mill! I’m excited. I have almost bought one multiple times over the last 5 years and feel this is a finally purchase.

I have dreams of whipping up pasta, tortillas, and hamburger buns (biscuits, rolls, and breads are already givens) as the need arises, now made even better with freshly milled flour, which does impart a better texture. My husband is most looking forward to homemade cream of wheat cereal, which you can do with just milling wheat on the coarse setting!


The children are always so proud and excited to show off their LEGO creations.

Ilse, in particular, was thrilled to receive not one, but two, bins of pink LEGOs for Christmas. Now her bedroom, as well as the boys’, is covered with LEGOs.


I spent 5 hours with Knox at the Urgent Care & Emergency Room on Tuesday. He had a small fracture of his collarbone after falling off the swing in our backyard. This is me trying to keep him occupied in the hospital room with my iPod, to which I have added no children’s apps.

I really wished I had grabbed a stack of picture books on my way out, but I didn’t know we’d end up at the emergency room. I thought we’d be an hour or two at the new (and mostly undiscovered and therefore not busy) urgent care clinic.

At least I changed into a clean shirt before leaving the house. And let this be a lesson: When, first thing in the morning, you think, “Should I take the 10 minutes to make myself look presentable?” but you are tempted to think, “Nah. I’m fine for today. I’m not going anywhere.” Know that you just might find yourself talking to receptionists, nurses, and doctors galore that day. You just never know. So take those ten minutes to put a good face on the day. Um, not that I have myself since, either. Oh well. It didn’t really matter. I did have on a clean shirt!

He’s none the worse for wear; he didn’t even need a sling, and he was back to clowning around that evening. I was so thankful my mom was able to spend all those hours with me to give an extra set of hands with the baby!

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  1. Kathy
    | Reply

    Great advice about those 10 minutes, I’m always ALWAYS glad I did it and always, ALWAYS regret when I didn’t!
    Hope your little man is feeling better – he has the cutest rosy cheeks!

  2. Brandy @ Afterthoughts
    | Reply

    I just LOVE the dimples, Mystie!

  3. Sara
    | Reply

    Adorable children – all of them!

    I’m sitting here in my nightgown.
    Getting up now.

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