Convivial Chronicles: Spring Break

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little laundry helper

We had our all-too-short Spring Break last week. I had all sorts of plans for what I was going to get done, but very little of it actually materialized. My housekeeping was so backed up and undone that rather than get any deep cleaning and organization done, all my time was spent getting back on track with a normal level of clean.

No yard work. Not much writing or reading. No closets tackled.

But at least the main level did get back to its presentable state, and we enjoyed the company of several sets of friends throughout the week.

round button chicken

This photo is of me with my littlest laundry helper.

The children’s Spring Break essential happened: painting! I earned my fun mom points for at least a week, if not the month (maybe season?).


One project that did get done, however, was a photo shoot with the kids by my baby sister (who just turned 16!). This one is one of our favorites:

We spent an hour at the park and she got some great group and individual shots!

The other excitement of the week was picking up the Amazon (and Exodus Books) boxes that came in small doses almost every day. Amazon does send orders in so many little boxes! Most (maybe all, but we’ll see) of the books for next school year (including some I’ll wrap and call birthday and Christmas presents) are bought.

school books

Most of them are used; many of them are biographies: better than historical fiction. I like to collect the Signature Books “Story of” biographies, and I also bought our first two Simonetta Carr biographies, which I’d eyed before but added to the order list after Brandy’s review.

Posts about next year’s school plans will commence next month.

5 weeks, 1 day left of the 2012-2013 school year!

I’m so ready for a short summer break (we’ll take June off) and a fresh start. I love fresh starts!

Gratuitous baby photo:

sleeping baby in bumbo

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  1. Valerie
    | Reply

    I hear you on the “all sorts of plans for what I was going to get done, but very little of it actually materialized”. But sounds like your week was even more successful by the looks of those smiles & happy eyes on your children’s faces! Fun Mom Points are golden!

  2. dawn
    | Reply

    I love the Simonetta Carr books.

    Did they update The Christian Almanac? Ours is blue. We’re reading it at dinner because Jason was feeling left out when we were trying for breakfast. We’ve gotten much farther through it that way too (with me not being a morning person and all)

  3. Mystie Winckler
    | Reply

    They did update it. Yours is the updated version. I bought the old one because I could get a used copy for $3. :) I haven’t decided where we’ll try to fit it in, but it looks like a fun book!

  4. dawn
    | Reply

    It is fun! (at least for those of us who like history. Which I do.)

  5. Sarah
    | Reply

    We took TWO weeks for spring break and I still didn’t get to most of my lists! Bummer.

    Yours is one if my very favorite homeschool blogs, so I can’t wait to read your posts on what you’ve got up your sleeve for next year. :)

    • Mystie
      | Reply

      Wow! Your favorite homeschool blog?? I’m honored. :)

      I can’t wait to read what I’ve got up my sleeve, too. I have a lot rattling around in my head right now that I need to nail down. :) I do love this stage of the year, though. It’s so full of potential!

      Have you already looked over my stuff about last year? I’m assuming that would be more helpful for where you’ll be with practically 3 babies! Audio books, written narrations, audio books, and circle time. It’s ok to have that sort of year. Plus they’ll be having intensive “home economics,” with helping you!

  6. Woman of the House
    | Reply

    I hope I’m not the only weirdo who tried to read the titles of the books you ordered. :) My daughter loved the Jeannie Fulbright books and still reads them for fun in high school! She also enjoyed Trial and Triumph and re-read it a couple times. We also use the ArkAngel Shakespeare recordings, most recently Julius Caesar. Your children are all adorable! I loved the group picture with the baby crying. lol

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      I hope you’re not, too! :) Isn’t that what pictures of books are for?

      Someone the other day apologized for browsing my bookshelves while they were visiting, but I think it’s more weird when people don’t! :)

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