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I am so excited to be the host for the book club of James K.A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom! We will begin January 7th and go for an entire 16 weeks though the end of April. I will have a summary and link-up post here every Tuesday (Lord willing!) between those dates for you to come check out and join the discussion. Whether you have a blog of your own or not, or whether you write a post every week or not, you are welcome to participate as much as you are able and inclined.

In addition to reading the book, another good preparation for the discussion would be to listen to Jenny Rallen’s talk at the Society of Classical Learning’s 2013 conference: “Incorporating Liturgy.” And, if you want to follow along, but can’t commit to reading the book, you can get a good overview of his arguments from his talks at Society for Classical Learning and also at Inside Classical Education. Calvin College, where he teaches philosophy, also has an hour-long video of him speaking on this topic: Desiring the Kingdom. I haven’t listened to them yet, but I also found these lectures on the topic.

Following is the schedule, which will also become the index of posts as we go. I also have a pdf version of the schedule you can print out or (better yet!) send to Evernote.

Desiring the Kingdom Book Club

Book Club Schedule

  1. January 7 | Introduction, p. 17-36
  2. January 14 | Chapter 1 until “I am what I love,” p.37-46
  3. January 21 | Chapter 1 “I am what I love” until “From worldviews…” p.46-63
  4. January 28 | Chapter 1 “From worldviews…” through the end, p.63-73
  5. February 4 | Chapter 2, p.75-88
  6. February 11 | Chapter 3 until “Sacrificial Violence,” p.89-103
  7. February 18 | Chapter 3 “Sacrificial Violence” until “Picturing the University’s Liturgies,” p.103-118
  8. February 25 | Chapter 3 “Picturing the University’s Liturgies” to the end, p.118-129
  9. March 4 | Chapter 4 until “Picturing the Sacramental Imagination,” p.131-144
  10. March 11 | Chapter 4 “Picturing the Sacramental Imagination” to the end, p.144-154
  11. March 18 | Chapter 5, through “Call to Worship,” p.155-166
  12. March 25 | Chapter 5, “God’s Greeting” through “Song,” p.166-173
  13. April 1 | Chapter 5, “The Law” through “Baptism,” p.173-190
  14. April 8 | Chapter 5, “The Creed” through “Eucharist,” p.190-203
  15. April 15 | Chapter 5, “Offering” through the end of the chapter, p.203-214
  16. April 22 | Chapter 6: “A Christian University Is for Lovers,” p.215-230
  17. April 29 | optional wrap-up thoughts

Please feel free to spread the word, invite your friends, and use the graphic! Please link the graphic to this post so that people can find all the posts as we go.

I hope you can join us!

7 Responses

  1. Kyle @ Aspired Living
    | Reply

    Is this book written from a Catholic or Protestant perspective? Is it about adding liturgy to our lives or about removing idolatry?

  2. Mystie Winckler
    | Reply

    It is written from a Protestant, reformed perspective. The author is a professor of philosophy at Calvin College. It’s about expanding the concept of worldview to include what we do (liturgies), and how worship on Sunday should shape the rest of our lives. I haven’t gotten to the chapter yet, but I would guess it is also about idolatry in that he talks about the “competing liturgies” in American culture.

  3. StacyO
    | Reply

    Looking forward to it! Thanks for planning this book club.

  4. Brandy Vencel
    | Reply

    I was just copying this schedule and noticed that it doesn’t include Jan. 21st. Is that on purpose?

  5. Virginia Lee
    | Reply

    Hi Mystie. I was finally getting a chance to settle down and listen to Rallen’s talk on Incorporating Liturgy, but the link does not take me to it. Is this something you have to be a member of to hear?

  6. Carol
    | Reply

    Hi Mystie,
    I don’t have the book but hoping to follow along anyhow. I loved Jenny Rallen’s talk & will listen to the links you posted above.

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