Easy Recipe Low-Carb Dinner While Feeding the Family: Stir-fry Without the Rice

So I’m working on getting the baby weight off after having baby #5 in November. It’s slow going. One of my food-related resolves is to have dinner be a starch-free and low-carb meal. But, I also have a [very hungry] family to feed, and not only do they not want to eat low-carb, I can’t afford to feed them low-carb! They all have no problem burning off the calories, while I definitely do.

So, I’ve come up with several tricks for making my own dinner starch-free and low-carb (and usually gluten-free as well, without really trying), without cooking a separate meal. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my solutions to making a normal family dinner low-carb, grain-free, gluten-free, and heavy on the vegetables.

Today’s dinner solution:

Stir-fry Without the Rice

Easy low-carb, no-rice stir-fry is perfect for a family meal. Either make it the main dish or separately for the low-carb family members.

One of our staple dinners is stir-fry. It’s a one-pot meal: rice, vegetables, and meat. But it’s these one-pot meals that are hardest to eat low-carb, because generally all the components are mixed up together. With a little forethought, however, I was able to have my own dinner be stir-fry with more veggies and with no rice. Here’s how:

  1. The rice is already cooked separately, so keep it separate a little longer than you normally would.
  2. Cook your meat as you normally would, and chop an extra veggie or two to as it cooks. I like to fill in bulk with zucchini and red bell peppers. In the meal I took pictures of for this post, I also had asparagus. Soon we will have garden snow peas to add! Go with whatever vegetables you have available to you, just add extra to make up in bulk and nutrients for the missing starch.
  3. After the meat and veggies are cooked and before you add in the rice, pull off a portion for yourself, making sure to scoop plenty of veggies onto your plate. I try for at least twice as many vegetables as pieces of meat, and often more like three times.

Scooping your plate ahead of time also serves as convenient portion control. There is no seconds when all the remaining meat and vegetables are stuck with globs of rice.

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